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    Mysore pak:

    Gram (besan) flour – 4 spoons
    Sugar – 8 spoons
    Ghee – 5 to 6 spoons
    Milk (condensed/evaproated/half and half/ regular whole milk) – 2 spoons

    Fry gram flour in microwave for 45 to 50 secs.
    Mix flour and sugar and then add ghee followed my milk, mix everything and then keep in microwave for 2min 15 secs.
    Once done immediately transfer it into a plate which is already coated with a layer of ghee. And after 5 mns make pieces even though it has not solidified completely.
    Leave it aside or if needed keep in freezer for 5 mns and take out the pieces.
    Soft mysorepak ready, if u need hard mysorepak keep it for few more secs.
    Easy and quick sweet ready in 10 mns.

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    thanks a lot

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