Assured for Trying - நீங்கள் இதை முயற்சி செய்யலாம்.


1. In a kadai, fry without oil -seeragam (1 t.s.), sombu (1/2 t.s.), pattai (1 piece), milagu (1 t.s.), dhania (1 t.s.), red chilies (2), karuveppilai, kalpasi (1/2 t.s.), maratti mokku (1), kopparai -2t.s. (or coconut fried in a little oil) for 3 mts.
2. Allow to cool and powder them in mixie
3. In a kadai, fry onion (1 cut in to pieces) in 3 t.s. of oil and add inji poondu paste (1 t.s.)
4. Add cut tomatoes (1 big) and fry well. Add green chillie (1) slit lengthwise and cleaned chicken (1/4 kg.)
5. Add a little water and allow chicken to cook
6. Add powdered masala and a pinch of manjal thul & salt
7. When gravy is thick, add kothumalli and remove from fire.



1. Cook the chicken in a pressure cooker for one sound, so that meat will go half cooked and it will reduce fat.

2. You can take the water for Soup.... Add little fried onion, pepper and salt to taste.. It will taste very nice.

3. This is more spicy in the sense it is not SUPER HOT, but other spices are more. You need to be careful.

4. Drink water a lot and take some curd after taking this food.