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Coriander chutney


Coriander leaves-1 bunch
Tamarind paste-according to taste
Red dry chilllies-according to taste(2 is mild hot)
Salt-according to taste
Urad dal-half teaspoon
Tuvar dal-half teaspoon




1.In dry pan fry the Tuvar dal,Urad dal,Red chillies.

2.Fry onion pieces in oil(any cooking oil).

3.Finally add all the ingredients & grind well.Now chutney is ready to serve.

This chutney is used as a side dish for Idli,Dosa,White rice,Biriyani& chapaathi.

Note: one more method is fry coriander leaves is also nice taste.

Same method is to prepare pudhina chutney(instead of coriander leaves use pudina leaves)