Texas Chili from the Texas Plains
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    Default Texas Chili from the Texas Plains

    At my work place, they had a recipe competition and I am posting the top two here..

    I've no idea about meat and stuff, so please don't ask me any doubts..

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Stuff Y’all will need

    1. Beef cut into small cubes
    2. Pork cut into small cubes
    3. Vegetable oil for frying
    4. Chili spice*
    5. Ground Cummin
    6. Chunky Picante Sauce
    7. Chicken Stock
    8. *Depending upon the Chili Spice you may want to add Cayenne Pepper to ‘Spice it up a bit’. Again, it’s all to your taste and how brave you are.
    9. Salt** – to taste. (What da heck does that really mean anyway?!)*
    10. **Depending upon the saltiness of the Chicken Stock, the Salt may be omitted.


    1. Cut the meats into small cube size pieces. ‘Bite-size is preferred”.
    2. Coat the beef in the Chili Spice and let it sit and soak up the spices for about 4 hours.
    Note: The about part is just that. If you want the beef to take on a stronger flavor, well then, let it sit until next week. Just kidding, sorta.


    1. Cook the meats separately; initially.
    2. Brown the Beef in some oil.
    3. TASTE!
    4. Deglaze the pot after browning with Chicken Stock and reserve the liquid.
    5. Brown the Pork in a little more oil.
    6. TASTE!
    7. Deglaze the pot after browning with Chicken Stock and reserve the liquid.
    8. Combine the browned beef and pork into the chili pot. Stirring to combine.
    9. Optional Step, but recommended to be sure the initial spicing has been taken by both meats: TASTE!
    10. Add chicken stock to top level of meat.
    11. Mix well. Note: It will appear a bit soupy. Don’t panic. Keep movin’.
    12. Bring to a slow boil, then reduce heat to simmer for about an hour of until meat; especially the pork is tender.
    13. Add Chunky Picante Sauce.
    14. Mix thoroughly.
    15. TASTE!
    16. Simmer until the mixture creates a nice gravy.
    17. TASTE!
    18. Note: Remember! Beware! Caution! Please Take Notice!
    The Chili Spice ‘wears on you through time’. So; if at the beginning it doesn’t seem hot enough. WAIT! This is the reason for the TASTE! comments in the instructions. Always check out the product through the cooking process and ; if needed, add a little more spice at the end of the process before the cooking is done. Texans are aware of this danger and have had chili pots so hot that they were still boiling days after the fire was turned off
    19. ENJOY! Impress your YANKEE Friends! Most folks will either be amazed and impressed mightily or else they will never come to dinner when you are serving this most traditional Texas dish. Yeeha!!

    -- contd

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    Texas Chili from the Texas Plains – (continued)
    Finally, da eatin’part of this truly Texas experience and the stuff you need to do it with

    Drinks – Ad-ults

    It is recommended; although not a sin if you can’t, to drink Lone Star Longnecks with your Texas Chili. For those North of the border; outside the confines of the Republicof Texas, any good local brew will do. Please! Refrain from those large commercial conglomerates; they will alter the taste of the chili with all that ‘mystery stuff’ they use in their brewing processes. Also allowed; the Texas/Southern favorite for all ages: ICED TEA!

    Drinkssmall fry; aka: kids

    Water, Coke: Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Root beer (your choice), Ne-Hi(Grape or Orange) or any other sweetened carbonated beverage or the Texas/Southern favorite for all ages: ICED TEA!


    Shredded cheeses: Monterrey Jack, Colby, any fancy brand that combines 2 or more exotic cheeses and packaged under the title of Mexican Blend. Not to worry. We’re friendly now with the folks South of the Rio Grande and we don’t mind them adding their contribution to our national dish. Adds a sort of international flair to it all.
    Sour Cream: This is included mostly for those Yankee/Northern folks who want to tone-down the spiciness that is the true Chili of Texas. “Ifin’ yor around a real cowboy, he’ll probably snicker or even outright laugh at y’all.” Oh well, to his/hers there own. Whatever gets the job done.
    Crackers are used as scoops, makeshift spoons and can even be crumbled into the chili to ‘tighten it up a bit’ if the gravy is a tad soupy.
    Fritos have been the primary mainstay for years. Most Texans wouldn’t think of eatin’ their chili with anything else. After all; Fritos is also a Texas national product. Originating in the historic city of San Antonio in the 1930’s. Well; that’s what my momma says anyway. And we always believe our mommas.

    Traditional Alteration of the Texas classic: Combine Texas Chili with a small bag of Fritos and a little shredded cheese and you have what we refer to in the Republic as Frito Pie! This warm and spicy dish is always popular at the Friday night and Saturday afternoon football games. Especially when its one of those bitterly cold; say around 50 below, and extremely windy; oh something around hurricane force will do, nights out on the Great Plains.

    OH YEAH!! Almost forgot you need two non-edible items to do this proper.
    1. A bowl ; preferably make of a non-porous substance to hold the chili in place and not all over you. Unless of course, your one of uneducated roughneck types that enjoys eating out of a communal pot. Then disregard this.
    2. A spoon; although I have eaten some chilies with a fork, to do the hot stuff justice. Besides; when it’s first out of the pot, it’s really rather steamy, drippy and definitely HOT!!
    3. For those with proper manners and want to look tidy all the time. A napkin; paper or cloth, your choice of course, is highly recommended. Especially if your trying to impress that new schoolmarm who arrived yesterday on the noon stage/bus/car/…whatever.

    OK! Enough talk. Time to Chow Down.

    Get your self a big bowl of the ‘red’, the drink of your choice and whatever condiments you need and go to it.


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    Wow.. Yet another Chili recipe, with out any beans in it..

    Good tamales goes well with this.. Will try it out one of these days, MsRW..

    Gracias, Senorita..

    Short Measures
    It is a wretched taste to be gratified with mediocrity when the excellent lies before us - Isaac Disraeli

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    You are very welcome, Admin Vasan Sir...

    More than the recipe, I liked the way he'd written it.


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