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    Pure ginger juice will help for stomach upsets, nausea, heartburn, abdominal cramps, and motion sickness. Ginger tea in the morning will help you from morning sickness
    Ginger helps in the digestion.
    Ginger can be chewed to relieve toothache.
    Hot ginger drink is effective for cold and flu.
    Ginger juice is made with a teaspoon of freshly squeezed juice of ginger and lime and a teaspoon of honey in hot water.
    Raw garlic helps to reduce the nasal congestion and as well as to help to relieve other symptoms of cold. Many of the volatile compounds are lost through cooking.
    Garlic is used for treating cramps and muscular spasm
    Cumin seeds helps to cure flatulence and colic pain
    Hint:In 1 litre water add 1-teaspoon cumin seeds and boil it. This water has to be consumed the same day it should not be used the next day
    Eating water melon, banana and cucumber reduces the acidity

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    Raw garlic helps to reduce the nasal congestion and as well as to help to relieve other symptoms of cold.
    Sivam, That is a good medicine but can u also tell how to take away the garlic smell from our mouth after eating. even if chew a good bubble gum I find that raw garlic taste does not go away from our mouth.

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    Yeah everybody has the same problem.......i use listerine and gargle my mouth to feel the freshness.That works great.

    Anybody any suggestion?

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    Raw Garlic will keep a check in cholesterol, it reduces cholesterol level, no other go as sivam said listerine is helpful.

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    Garlic smell on ur hands

    (1) Avoid contact with the garlic by using a garlic peeler .
    (2) Rub their hands with salt, lemon or parsley. T
    (3) Soaps
    (4) Rub your hands on the back of a metal spoon.

    Garlic breath

    (1) Eat parsley.
    (2) Suck on a slice of lemon
    (3) Chew on anise seed, caraway or fennel seed.

    Keep in mind that cooked garlic leaves much less of an odor than raw.

    Also as sivam said listerine and other mouth refreshers may be helpful..

    Personally I feel thats it cleans the mouth but odor remains, that too garlic, onion etc ellam kastham with listerine.. we feel refreshed.. but the ones listening us talking can smell the odor...


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    I don't use garlic except as fully boiled and cooked (put it along with dal, in the pressure cooker and cook it to pulp!!). I think it removes almost all the odor associated with it.. does it still keep the 'health' benefits?? Don't know.. but I imagine it does and live in a happy imagined world..

    Ignorance is a bliss.. !!
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    Default some more home remedies


    1.Stress can trigger gas. Mint can calm your nerves as its active ingredient flows through the gastrointestinal tract. Have a cup of mint tea in the morning and one at night. Sip slowly and inhale the aroma as you relax.

    2.Put 1 tbsp ginger in a cup of hot water. Steep for 10 to 15 minutes. Strain. Drink after meals.

    3.Methi and Turmeric stop acid buildup, and stimulate the flow of digestive juices. So add some more to your meals

    1.The ginger will stop your nausea, while cinnamon (a natural astringent) dries up your bowels. Mix 1 tsp. dried cinnamon with 1/2 tsp. grated fresh ginger and add to 1 cup boiling water. Steep for 10 to 15 minutes. Strain and drink.

    2.Soak 1 tbsp aniseed in 1 cup of water till it becomes a rich golden yellow. Strain and drink
    1.No one exactly knows why sugar may help hiccups. Some doctors speculate that the granules stimulate the vagus nerve, a long nerve in the back of the throat that sends branches to many muscle groups, including those in the diaphragm.

    2.Holding your breath for a count of 30 may also work for some. It increases carbon dioxide levels in the blood and apparently decreases the sensitivity of the vagus nerve centre in the brain

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    Add a gram of turmeric (haldi) powder to a teaspoon of honey for curing dry cough. Also chew a cardamom for a long time.


    Mix a gram of dalchini powder with a teaspoon of honey to curb a cold. Prepare a cup of tea to which you should add ginger, clove, bay leaf and black pepper. This should be consumed twice a day. Reduce the intake as the cold disappears.


    Take a warm slice of lemon and sprinkle salt, sugar and black pepper on it. The lemon should be eaten until the hiccups stop.


    Chew a clove or dip a piece of cotton wool in clove oil and place on the aching tooth for best results.


    Apply neem oil to the affected area. Or make a fresh paste of some neem leaves and apply externally. Boil neem leaves in the hot water used for your bath. Also eat a teaspoon of neem juice along with sugar for quick relief.


    For any cut or wound, apply turmeric powder to the injured portion to stop the bleeding. It also works as an antiseptic. You can tie a bandage after applying haldi.


    Boil ten tulsi leaves in one cup of water until the syrup is reduced to half a cup. After cooling, add salt to the liquid decoction. Take this mixture daily to stop body ache. Alternatively take half a gram of dalchini powder with one-teaspoon honey at least twice a day for best results.

    Physical weakness

    In order to reduce weakness and increase blood circulation, make a dry fruit milkshake made out of ten dry grapes, five dates and two dry figs along with a glass of milk. Have it once or twice a day to feel fresh and energetic.


    The best remedy for this disease is the bitter gourd, better known as ‘karela’. Eat this vegetable as often as you can or have at least one tablespoon of karela juice daily to reduce blood sugar levels in your blood and urine. Besides, take ten tulsi leaves, ten neem leaves and ten belpatras with a glass of water early morning on an empty stomach. It will work wonders in keeping your sugar levels under control.

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