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Thread: The NFL Thread: 07-08 SEASON

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    Vasan...following the CB series in Australia??
    No, MTD.. Right now the Shaq trade to Suns has brought a lot of drama in Pacific Division.. Trying hard to figure out how the west is going to be come the second half of the season..

    Short Measures
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    It was way too less intensed game yesterday. Once Peyton/Ben was out of the game, AFC never looked like a good team. Even the offensive line was penetrated few times during second half...

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    I didn't even watch..

    No one wants to play intensely, eh? Afraid of injuries and such... for a game that doesn't count anyways..

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    It is a wretched taste to be gratified with mediocrity when the excellent lies before us - Isaac Disraeli

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    yea may be. AFC QB Anderson was sacked in the last drive though

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    thaniyaa thread open pana kooda kadiyaa irukku.. 07-08 season NBA kku

    I am soooooooo mad...

    how can they let this happen...

    shouldnt it be greatest lead in a NBA finals...

    instead its the greatest combackkkkkkkkkkkkkkk



    I Geetham

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    Hopefully LA will top that and make a come back to win the series

    pErAsaiya? nappAsaiya?
    Better to keep quiet and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt - Anon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shy View Post
    thaniyaa thread open pana kooda kadiyaa irukku.. 07-08 season NBA kku

    I am soooooooo mad...

    how can they let this happen...

    shouldnt it be greatest lead in a NBA finals...

    instead its the greatest combackkkkkkkkkkkkkkk



    adhukkaaga... NFL thread la polambareenga...
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    Celtics odhacha odhella Shy forgot that a thread for NBA even existed.....(Is she a Laker fan or what??)


    I like Kobe's guts to take shots < 1 min and win it for the Lakers...but this seems to be the year for starts like Garnett,Pierce,Ray Allen....They truly deserve a Championship....esp since they are not Carl Malone kind of guys.....

    Will it be tonight or will Lakers make a comeback!!

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