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    Cast: Salman Khan, Ali Larter,Nandana Sen,Gulshan Grover,Ian Bohen,Simone singh,Vikas Bhalla,suchitra Pillai

    Direction: Willard Carroll

    Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy

    A romantic comedy featuring Ali Carter, who has enjoyed quite a bit of fame after the “Heroes” serial, can very well be the only reason for stepping into the theatres for this movie. But the expectations quadrupled after Salman Khan, who has not just a fan following in India but around the world was signed for the project. Which also happens to be the star’s first English movie.

    The movie is about a B grade Hollywood actress Ali carter flies to Goa, India to do a role in Kamasutra 3, but the movie is sacked and the actress is left stranded in Goa. But the production assistant of the movie Suchitra Pillai helps her and offers to give a lift to her till Mumbai but after meeting her boyfriend who is working on the shoot of a Bollywood movie.

    Carter woos everyone in the sets including the director who agrees to give a role in his Bollywood musical but asks Carter to dance, which he doesn’t know. Enter Salman Khan the Choreographer of the movie, He teaches her the moves and also ends up losing his heart to her and vise versa, even though Carter is having a boyfriend.

    After a few dance routines Salman asks Carter for a date and tells her that he is a Prince in Rajasthan. Carter follows him to his palace in Rajasthan where Salman’s sister’s marriage is taking place. Everyone loves Carter and suddenly enter Nanditha Sen who has been fixed to Salman Khan from their childhood and you begin to fell the trappings of a regular love triangle but adding to the confusion Barry, Carter’s Boyfriend also comes to Rajasthan (out of the blue) in search of her (now we have a love quadrangle).

    So whose Wishes will come true and whose won’t forms the rest of this predictable story.

    It is pretty evident that our wish of watching a feel good movie is not going to come true as the Director Willard Carroll, drags us to join this so called adventure which is hardly an excuse of a movie. This may very well be more disastrous than Aishwarya Rai’s Bride and Prejudice. Many scenes were sans logic, how did the boyfriend after going to Goa and Mumbai ended up in Rajasthan having no clue where she is?

    Acting wise Salman Khan goes through the motions. Actually he doesn’t have much to do a lazes through the scenes and anyone who has seen a Salman Khan movie will be able to guess how convincing he will look as a choreographer. But we should appreciate the director for having the guts to show Salman khan as one. Salman is terrible in the dances as usual but at the same time he looks handsome and girls are sure to drool over his looks. Carter the protagonist does a good job and looks ravishing. Suchitra Pillai does her role with élan. There is no other character which stands in mind worth referring. What was Gulshan Grover (Hindi cinema’s bad man) doing in this movie? The only dialogue he utters is “No” and always bears a long face. Such a talented actor is totally wasted for such a weird role.

    Music from Shankar Ehsaan and Loy is ok but nothing that lingers in the mind. The choreography is done to suit Salman Khan, very simple steps of stretching the hands and stretching the legs and it’s done, and now blame the reason for this to the Reel hero of the film who gets feet of clay when it comes to dancing. The only saving grace of the movie was the neat cinematography, as Rajasthan never looked so beautiful.

    On the whole thanks for the director for making it a short movie, its running time is about 2 hours and it has almost 5 or 6 songs in it. No wonders it’s a musical. The movie is surely a disaster and the very fact that I watched the movie almost alone in its first day of its release states the final outcome of this Salman Khan Starrer. And, if you are a Salman fan and really want to watch one of his movies then… well, Partner is still in theaters, go and have a good laugh. The handsome hunk of Bollywood should have chosen a better vehicle for his international launch. This one will hardly get noticed.

    Verdict – please skip this

    Rating -


    Good... sony TV romba Ad pottu aaahha ooohhoo nu kaateenaan.. :doh

    I Geetham

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    Salman acting as choreographer... joke of the year...:D

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