And you thought she liked you for your looks ;)
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Thread: And you thought she liked you for your looks ;)

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    Default And you thought she liked you for your looks ;)

    Man, marriage and money

    He’s got the look. And the personality. But how heavy is his purse? Yah, time maybe changing, but it’s still a man's wealth, not looks, which remains the 'key for marriage'

    London: Planning to settle down? Pester your boss for a pay hike because it is your income and wealth which your prospective better half would be looking at before tying the knot.

    A team of international researchers has carried out a study and found that a man's riches, and not his looks, are the most important if he wants to get married, 'The Daily Telegraph' reported today.

    Although there have been many lab based studies that have suggested that women are drawn to men of high status, power and wealth, rather than just looks, this new study has provided hard evidence of the marriage market in action.

    The researchers came to the conclusion after analysing a survey of more than 20,000 American men, based on historical data collected in 1910 -- which suggested how when males were in short supply, for instance in the wake of the World War I, women're happy to put up with poorer partners.

    And when men were commonplace, women're in the driving seat and became correspondingly more choosy, driving a bargain for the richest and most powerful men, with the marriage prospects of a male pauper being "drastically reduced".

    "Little research within evolutionary psychology, so far, has considered how the market influences individual decisions. Here we show that if men are abundant, this will influence the market value of their desired traits, that is, women can demand more.

    "This aspect, namely individual decision making as a function of the mating market (local abundance or scarcity), has been relatively neglected within the literature on human mate choice," lead researcher Thomas Pollet of the Newcastle University was quoted as saying.


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    ithukkellam oru reaserch thevaiya? just ask any guy...
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