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    Default Informatica Tutorial

    Hi friends !

    I am looking for Informatica Tutorial on web. Does anybody have any URL ?

    Thank You


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    look up the official site of informatica. Since they have developed the tool they are most likely to have the most relevant, comprehensive and exact details of the product. The website also has a section on the different product ranges offered. Their categories of products include PowerCentre Standard Edition, PowerCenter Options, PowerCenter Advanced Edition, PowerCenter Architect, Informatica Data Quality, PowerExchange and Informatica Data Explorer. Each of these has specific fields of application. The purpose and applicability of all is explained along with details of products in development. There is also a section where informatica offers to get in touch with the questioner. Besides the products there is also information regarding informatica available
    other than that: (has info on free reg to access the knowledgebase)

    hope that helps!

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