Eggless chocolate brownies


300g Margarine or butter
300g of sugar (or 250g if you prefer )
300 sieved flour
150g of cocoa/cooking chocolate powder
100g chopped cashews - optional
50g of roughly chopped white chocolate -optional
150-200ml of soy/cow's milk
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
Baking powder

-melt butter and sugar on low heat (do not caramelise! just melt and mix well)
-mix sieved flour and sieved cocoa and baking powder with butter-sugar, add milk, cahews, white chocolate, vanilla
- stir till everything is mixed into a homogeneous paste - if too dry add a little milk

bake for 30 min on 175C

remember brownies are meant to be a little sticky and gooey

(unfortunately, I found this recipe a little drier than the real eggy version- the internet recommends adding apples sauce to improve the texture - I just don't have time to boil apples and make apple sauce )

good luck