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    Default Record (South Korea)

    Record BreakersArcheryWomen's Team (70m) Quarterfinal - Match 1: South Korea (Sung-Hyun Park, Ok-Hee Yun, Hyun-Jung Joo) 231 (WR)
    ArcheryMen's Team (70m) Quarterfinal - Match 1: South Korea (Kyung-Mo Park, Dong-Hyun Im, Chang-Hwan Lee) 224 (OR)
    ArcheryMen's Team (70m) Gold Medal: South Korea (Kyung-Mo Park, Dong-Hyun Im, Chang-Hwan Lee) 227 (OR)
    ArcheryMen's Individual (70m) Round of 32 - Match 14: South Korea (Chang-Hwan Lee) 117 (OR)
    ArcheryWomen's Individual (70m) Round of 16 - Match 1: South Korea (Sung-Hyun Park) 115 (OR)
    WeightliftingWomen's over 75kg Ranking: South Korea (Miran Jang) 326 (WR)All MedalsAll Medals Medal Sport Event Athlete
    Bronze Boxing Welterweight (64-69 kg) Jungjoo Kim
    Gold Taekwondo Men's Heavyweight (Over 80 kg) Dongmin Cha
    Gold Baseball Men
    Bronze Handball Women
    Gold Taekwondo Women's Welterweight (57-67 kg) Kyungseon Hwang
    Gold Taekwondo Men's Featherweight (58-68 kg) Taejin Son
    Gold Taekwondo Women's Featherweight (49-57 kg) Sujeong Lim
    Silver Gymnastics Men's Parallel Bars Wonchul Yoo
    Bronze Table Tennis Men's Team Seung Min Ryu, Jae Young Yoon, Sang Eun Oh, Jung Woo Lee
    Gold Badminton Mixed Doubles Hyojung Lee, Yongdae Lee
    Bronze Table Tennis Women's Team Ye Seo Dang, Kyung Ah Kim, Mi Young Park, Hyun Jung Moon
    Bronze Badminton Men's Doubles Jiman Hwang, Jaejin Lee
    Gold Weightlifting Women's Over 75 kg Miran Jang
    Silver Badminton Women's Doubles Kyungwon Lee, Hyojung Lee
    Silver Archery Men's Individual (70 Meter) Kyung-Mo Park
    Bronze Judo Women's Half Heavyweight (70-78 kg) Gyeongmi Jeong
    Silver Archery Women's Individual (70 Meter) Sung-Hyun Park
    Bronze Archery Women's Individual (70 Meter) Ok-Hee Yun
    Gold Weightlifting Men's 69-77 kg Jaehyouk Sa
    Silver Judo Men's Half Middleweight (73-81 kg) Jaebum Kim
    Bronze Wrestling Men's Greco-Roman Under 55 kg Eunchol Park
    Gold Shooting Men's 50-Meter Free Pistol (60 Shots) Jong Oh Jin
    Silver Swimming Men's 200-Meter Freestyle Taehwan Park
    Silver Fencing Women's Individual Foil Hyunhee Nam
    Silver Judo Men's Lightweight (66-73 kg) Kichun Wang
    Gold Archery Men's Team Dong-Hyun Im, Chang-Hwan Lee, Kyung-Mo Park
    Gold Archery Women's Team Sung-Hyun Park, Ok-Hee Yun, Hyun-Jung Joo
    Silver Weightlifting Women's 48-53 kg Jinhee Yoon
    Gold Swimming Men's 400-Meter Freestyle Taehwan Park
    Gold Judo Men's Extra Lightweight (Under 60 kg) Minho Choi
    Silver Shooting Men's 10-Meter Air Pistol (60 Shots) Jong Oh Jin
    sari sari othukkaga .. JJ(JAYALALITHA) va piranthanalaikku avamanapaduthunamathiri ..
    ennaiyum avamanapaduthathinga!!!!! mela orutha than parthuketten kerukkan



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    Default The Olympics 2008 - Beijing. China

    The 2008 Summer Olympic Games, officially known as the Games of the XXIX Olympiad, was a major international multi-sport event that took place in Beijing, China, from August 8 to August 24, 2008

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    Hi there,

    its great to know about this kind of information.

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