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    Default jus solis VERSUS jus sanguinis

    Jus Solis - Right of soil versus Jus Sanguinis - Right of Blood?

    Countries usually practice one or both of these rights. Many "regain" old European heritages when times get hard - especially from African and South American countries. Argentinians and South-Africans are quite famed for it. (Kevin Pietersen comes to mind)
    Others gain a whole new heritage by right of soil - after what could possibly make you more American than being born the US of A
    Some countries refuse to accept Jus Sanguinis - some refuse Jus Solis.

    What do you think?

    If tomorrow we were to create a whole new country in the middle of Central Asia, should we try and populate it with Jus Solis or Jus Sanguinis?

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    Let me think for a bit and respond, blue..

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