This is very easy to make: can be taken with rotis
Prepartion time :15 min
All you need is
potato 1to 2 medium size chopped into small piece
carrot 1/2-choped into small
1/4 chopped onions
1/2 tomatoes
10 cloves of garlic chopped into small
3 green chillieschopped
u can add aj no motto but its not good for health
Some soup packets:
following comibination are best''chicken & veg'' ,garlic & mushroom''
boil potato for 7-8 minutes parallely
Take tawa pour oil,Fry onions, chillies,garlic, pour 3 cups of water
add 1packet of 'chicken & veg'' ,garlic & mushroom'' soup,a dd potato, carrot, vineghar 1 spoon , soya sauce 1 spoon, picnh of turmeric powder
chillic sauce tom sauce less than 1/2 spoon each.salt as per ur taste
add pepper as to level of spicy reqd.
Sappittu parthuttu sollunka ....U can try with different combination of soup but above were seems to best when i served 2 my friends...
Next chicken & sweet corn soup ...