Gongura(pulicha keerai) chicken curry
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Thread: Gongura(pulicha keerai) chicken curry

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    Default Gongura(pulicha keerai) chicken curry

    Gongura(Pulicha keerai) Chicken curry.


    Chicken - 2 lbs
    Ginger Garlic paste - 1 Tsp
    Gongura(Pulicha Keerai) - 1 bunch
    Onion 1 no.
    Oil - 100ml
    Salt to taste.

    Ingridents for grinding:

    Dhania - 1Tsp
    Poppy seeds - 1Tsp
    Jeera -1Tsp
    Clove - 4 no.
    Cinnamon - 4 no.

    Fry all these ingridents without oil and grind it.


    Mix the powder, salt and ginger garlic paste with chicken and marinate it for 1 hour.
    In kadai, heat oil and add 2 cardomom, 2 clove and 2 cinnamon and fry with cut onion.
    Add the chicken and cook for some time.
    Cut the gongura leaves and fry with chicken. Close the lid and keep the flame down (Simmer)
    Fry the chicken with gongura well and enjoy.
    Tastes good with rice.

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    let me try this, good recipe,anitam.

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    Gongura with chicken..? I have tried only with Spinach. I am all eager to try this too.. Gotta, first hunt for Gongura...

    Thanks anitam for the recipe...

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    Hey, your recipe is too good, i like it, give some advice on other dishes...
    and uses indian spices in dishes....

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