Wish to Solve Your Problems Effortlessly? - Follow the Feminine Way
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Thread: Wish to Solve Your Problems Effortlessly? - Follow the Feminine Way

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    Default Wish to Solve Your Problems Effortlessly? - Follow the Feminine Way

    All species are created by nature in pairs, the male and the female. The male and the female differ not only in their physical attributes but also in their thoughts. The males are usually taller and stronger than their female counterparts. Males are also more aggressive and violent as compared to females.

    There seems to be no logical explanation as to why the male and female born from the same parents should be so different in their physical and mental attributes. Yet they both have survived and their numbers are almost equal. If the Darwinian theory of the survival of fittest is true then male and female attributes seems to have equal chance of success notwithstanding the fact the males are much stronger than females.

    While we are quite familiar with the man’s way of solving problem i.e. by use of power, the female’s method of solving the problem is hardly understood. Consider a typical family in which the male (father) earns the living and take care of the family. The mother is logically the most powerless person in the family. She owns no wealth as all the wealth is earned by the father. She has no power as all power is vested with the father. The children are totally dependent upon the father for their survival and protection.

    Yet even in such situation, the mother finds a way which ensures not only her survival in a respectable manner in the family but quite often it ensures that she occupies the top position in the family. Often, the authority of the mother is so strong that everyone do what she says and follows her orders without a whisper of opposition.

    Recently while hearing the divorce petition, the Justice Katju, the Judge of the Supreme Court of India advised a husband who was fighting for divorce with his wife in the following words

    "Do what the wife tells you and never question her authority. You should always agree with her. When you agree to what she says, you will always remain happy. If she tells you to look this way, do that. And if she tells you the next moment to look the other way, again do that,"

    And to convince them about the usefulness of his advice, he said, "We are talking from experience”

    Most of us would agree that it is true as we have seen how the importance of the mother rises in a typical family. Yet, it is a mystery as to how a woman can acquire such a prominent position in the family without earning a penny and without exercising any power.

    The answer to this question can change the paradigm of our life and provide a novel method of solving a problem without exercising power. The best thing is that such exercise of power have no after effect.

    The Mystery of the Feminine
    Females are often called weaker sex as they are physically weaker than males. However, in the modern time, they may take offence in calling them weaker sex as they have proved themselves not only equal to males but even better than males in more than one ways. They are now occupying the top slots in the polity and working in almost every profession that were earlier considered to be in the exclusive domain of males. They have also broken the myth that they are less intelligent or less analytical. In the year 2009, the females occupied the top three ranks in the Indian Civil Services, the most prestigious competition in India for the selection of the top bureaucrats for the country. Yet, even when in power, there is always a difference in the methods of working between males and females.

    Nowadays most males would agree that females are not inferior to males. Yet they are certainly different than men not only in physical attributes but also in their thoughts. They have developed methods to overcome their lack of physical power with other methods which are equally effective in solving the problems of life.

    The feminine methods are the very essence of spirituality which lies beyond the realm of logic and reason. The prophets have preached these methods in scriptures so that the world dominated by male traits can be balanced with the dose of feminine charm. The females have spirituality in their blood while males have to discover spirituality to bring balance in their life.

    The females solve their problem not by force but by persuasion. Instead of using power to change the mind of the other person (which never works), they use charm to do so. Instead of using physical power, they use the power of the soul.

    These methods can be summarized as following:-

    1. Attract
    The most important female traits are that they make themselves attractive. They have soft features, sweet voice and charming style to attract the people particularly the males. Males are usually after power so that they can use the power to force others to do what they want. They do workout to make body stronger and full of muscles. Females, however, prefer to make their body lean and thin so as to not look strong and powerful. Instead of power, they prefer to use their charm to make the other person do the job. It is for this reason that they pay attention on their looks which they know attract the males. They know that the best method to make the other people do the job is to attract them toward her such that her soul gets in contact their soul which enables her soul to communicate directly to the soul of other person. Once the soul of the other person is influenced, the mind of the other person get transformed and he (powerful person) himself seeks to do the work without asking for it.

    2. Serve
    The second most important trait of females is their desire to serve. A typical mother serves the husband and the children with all her heart. She feels happy ad satisfied by servicing best food to her husband and children and taking care of their day-to-day needs. She is so good at service that the family just can’t imagine themselves without her. Through service, she makes herself important and even indispensable to all other members of the family. Thus she acquires her position not due to money or power but her service. The best thing is that she does it silently without seeking anything in return.

    3. Love
    The females believe in love rather than hate. Love in the most natural feeling in females. Only females know the meaning of unconditional love which they have for their children. This love is most sacred as not only the woman but every female specie of the world has the same love for her children. The love of father is, however, quite conditional which is based on the behavior of the child. It is logical as no other male specie feel the love of the father for his children. It is wisely said, “God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers.”

    4. Nonviolence
    The hatred for all type of violence is the most natural attribute of feminine. It is a fact that more than ninety-nine percent of all murders are committed by the men in this world. The females are the creator of life for which they give their flesh and blood and suffer the labor pain. They know the pain in creation of life, hence never try to take a life. Males however, are quick to take life as they have not undergone the pain of creation of life. Nonviolence is also one of the most important spiritual messages in all religions. Jesus said

    "Whoever hits you on the cheek, offers him the other also; and whoever takes away your coat, do not withhold your shirt from him either.”

    While such methods may look absurd and impractical to male specie who are used to the “eye for an eye” policy, it is a natural reaction for the females. They know that offering the other cheek is the surest method to transform the soul of the enemy and convert his hate to love.

    5. Understand
    The females have learned the art of negotiation naturally as being the weaker sex, they can not rely on power to get the work done. It is due to better understanding of the people; they know what the cause of the problem is. Once they know the cause they can easily solve the problem by manipulating the cause. So instead of using force against the enemy they try to understand the other person’s mind. This understanding, help them is finding ways to satisfy the need of the person in exchange of what she needs. In a family, it is the mother who understands best the father and the children as her entire attention is focused in understanding every member of her family. It is by good understanding that she can predict their behaviors and solve their problems.

    The Best Way to Solve Problems
    Using the feminine methods, most problems of the world can be solved without resorting to power. These methods are known to the humanity since its inception yet they are not used since they do not produce immediate results. These methods are the essence of all spiritual traditions and the scriptures. They may not look logical but they are effective. The methods based on power are effective in the short term but counter productive as power creates hatred and hatred destroys the world. If you want long term solutions, it is always advisable to follow the feminine method to solve a problem. The masculine methods should be used sparingly like surgery as they are painful and avoidable

    About the Author - Dr. AKSingh is an Engineer by education and philosopher by passion. .. Shridhar Bhatt

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    Radhe Krishna

    Thanks again


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    an interesting article.thank you sir.

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    In your earlier article you honoured us women folk, now you are placing us on a pedestal for our methods.Being a Woman,I never analysed the methods which we used to solve any problem. I suppose these are inherent traits granted by god to a woman , to balance the more powerful Male counterpart.Thank you once again. Regards.Redind.

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    It seems Men don't like this article. When everything is taken care of by female why should we bother.

    "It is a fact that more than ninety-nine percent of all murders are committed by the men in this world" - I am sure behind every Murder there will be a woman. Just for joke.

    Srimatha Sri Maharajni Sri Math Simasaneshwari
    Chidagni Kunda Sambootha Deva Karya Samudhyatha
    Udyath Bhanu Sahasrabha Chadur Bahu Samanvidha
    Ragha Swaroopa Pasadya Krodhakarankusojwala
    Mano Rupeshu Kodanda Pancha than mathra sayaka
    Nijaruna prabha poora majjath brahmanda mandala

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    Darwin s Theory is Survival of the fittest, not strongest. So it is no surprise that the fittest gender, not only in Physical activity but also mental acumen is the feminine gender. We males are really blessed to have this counterpart with us as otherwise we will still be in the cave trying to light fire with two stones.
    Every Successful Man has numerous equally successful women behind him.
    ஸ்ரீமதே ராமானுஜாய நம: ஸ்ரீமதே நிகமாந்த மஹாதேஸிகாய நம:
    அடியேன் இராமானுஜ தாஸன்

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    Thanks for this post, Sri Bhatt. I wish b.anushkumar, who opened a thread in this forum on Oct 16, would take a look at it.


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    Thanks Why Debate on Maa Shakthi. They are integral part of us.

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    Thank you very much for a great article Mr.Shridhar


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    velaike aagadhu!!!! sema mokkai!!!

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