Mail Downloading is very slow in MS Outlook 2007/03
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Thread: Mail Downloading is very slow in MS Outlook 2007/03

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    Default Mail Downloading is very slow in MS Outlook 2007/03

    Dear Friends,
    I am looking for an expert advice on the following:

    First let me tell you the overall set up of our organisation's network map (Pls download the following link to go thru the brief write up on our network set up)

    Help is required on the following:

    we are facing problem in downloading the company mails in all the offices.
    In our main office, the server is more than 7 years old with symantec 460 R gateway security firewall hardware appliance. Symantec mail security for MS exchange 2003 is installed in the mail server. we do not know which is creating problem for the above mail downloading?

    Can any one from this group give any suggestion/help on this? If you require more info please let me know.


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    scan ur pc for any viruses/spyware which might cause some problems.
    if the problem does not solve,reset ur settings in MS Outlook or reinstall it.

    use MS office 2007 if u are not having 2010 version.2007 is far beeter than 2003 version.

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    Default Install Windows 7 through USB

    To install windows 7 from USB Click on the following link.

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