Music Director : G.V.Prakash Kumar
Vocals : G.V.Prakash Kumar, Gana Ulaganathan, Andrea Jeremiah, Bhargavi, Lakshmikanth.
Lyrics : Kumararaja, Shiva, R.Amarendran
Produced by S.Shashikanth and directed by Pushkar & Gayathri, this film stars Shiva, SPB Charan and Lekha Washington in lead roles supported by Abhinayasree, John Vijay, Craig, Kalyan and others. The accent seems to be on comedy here. G.V.Prakash Kumar scores the music.

Unnai Kann Theduthe...
Vocals: G.V.Prakash Kumar, Gana Ulaganathan
Lyrics : Kumararaja
A song of happy inebriation. Gently touching on the raga Vakulabaranam, the slow tempo of the song heightens the ‘spaced-out’ effect. Amusing to listen to!

Thediye Thediye...
Vocals: Andrea Jeremiah
Lyrics : Kumararaja
Slightly wacky lyrics, but a jaunty Sankarabaranam mettu and neat strings make this a cheery number.

Saudi Basha...
Vocals: G.V.Prakash Kumar, Bhargavi
Lyrics : Shiva, R.Amarendran
Another lighthearted number on the Kiravani raga scale that vaguely reminds you of the Kishore Kumar hit’Zindagi Ek Safar hey Suhanaa’. Mad and rollicking, this song could find a place on the charts.

Saarpu Saarpu Ji...
Vocals: G.V.Prakash Kumar, Lakshmikanth
Lyrics : Kumararaja
It is entirely up to you to make what you can out of these lyrics! But an addictive arrangement of notes on the Natabairavi scale and the teasing accompaniment of nagaswaram and guitars make you want to listen to it shamelessly once again.

The Quarter Song...
Clubmix: Remix by Vijay Chawla
Tight and tingling, this song does get a tad monotonous towards the end.

There’s no way this album can ever be taken seriously. Prakash Kumar’s experimental side comes to the fore in the musical expression. Quite frivolous and wacky, some will just adore it outright, while some will take time getting used to it. But three cheers to GVP, Gayathri & Pushkar for trying something different.