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    Default Canonical text on tamil palmistry written by kamala maa muni

    Hello friends,

    I am here to share the content of traditional palmistry which was written by the guidance of ancient sage. kamalamaa muni. I bought a book few days before in which 300 verses about palm lines are included and author is explaining each verses. This Tamil verse resembles contemporary ancient literature Tamil. Though, This book was written around the year 1957. Without wasting time, i try to share the content of each verses of this book. I guess, it is the first attempt in internet, to reveal this work. I am not going to translate this verses as it is difficult to do even by a professor in literatures of both languages (Tamil and English).But, I share the core message of each verses here. Indeed, This book resembles like palmistry classics.
    Name of the book:- sri kamalamma munivar arulich cheitha, Aathirekai sastram 300.
    Book author:- kandhasamy paandi- Disciple of traditional palmist.
    language: Tamil
    you can get this book in the following address:-
    sri devi book stall, # 1, Aandiyappan street, sulai, chennai - 600 112. 044-26690970

    I do post this translation whenever i get leisure time. Besides Veda, many good works had been done by Tamil sages in the field of astrology, varma(one of the martial arts), medicine, spirituality etc., Because, southern part of Indians are real native Indians namely dravidans. where as, It is said to be that Vedas were written by indo-aryans. I have collected works of sage.agastya who written thousands of secret in traditional medicine, traditional martial arts(varma), nadi astrology, literatures etc., He is the first sage who written grammar for the world's most ancient existing language -Tamil. In almost all alternative indian medicinal system, the contribution of this sage is beyond our imagination. Namely, varma- indian martial arts are being top secret even today. because, the death points are easy to attack, which causes lethal death to opponents., these spots could be hit by fingers depends on the location and methods.

    Being a member of palmistry forum for many years, I know that This work is not for fun. It is the heritage and wisdom of India. I offer this wisdom to the westerns. Just feel How difficult it is!! In order to gather the knowledge of traditional palmistry

    1st verse praises lord.saraswati (lord of education, literatures, and arts)

    2nd for audience or readers

    3rd deals about authors researches on palm lines and his masters teaching

    4th exclaims how truthfully palm lines reveals one's life!

    5th details finger prints, palm lines and explains how the palm readers possess third spiritual
    eye and second intuitive tongue in him.

    6th details how charlatans spoils this arts, and says, responsibility of palmists fulfill when saying the possessors good fortunes in the 1st place, and bad fortunes carefully without provocations or disturbing the possessors mind.

    7th deals exceptional in reading palm. ie., avoid reading palm before sun rise, after sun set, in candle light, the time before the appearance of moon light.

    8th deals expertise of palmists and variations in reading of each palmists depending on their knowledge.

    9th deals that palmists don’t need the assistance/tools unlike other divinations.

    10th deals about professional palmists, ie., wear white clothes and ornaments-take bath early morning-wear vermilion or sandal or ash on forehead-face north or east direction when reading hands-they should use hand lens, scale, pen-pray lord every day before going to job.

    11th deals good manners of palmists or code of conduct- specially when reading the hands of opposite sex. be loyal to the job.

    12th answers the question "which hand should be read?" Male's right hand represents his own life, left represents life of his wife. In contrast, Female's left hand represents her life, where as Her Right hand represents life of her husband.

    13th deals "steps to read hand" ie., First, Palmist should say the details about possessor's parents and siblings of parents after reading the end portion of life line, followed by possessor's siblings by reading the knit of the backside of thumb. Then, should say about career and place changes by reading the fate line and it's defects. Then, should say about new career, new properties, buildings, success, property shares by reading the upward branches of life line. Then, should say about marriage life, compatibility, union by reading the marriage lines. Then, should say about child births, living and it's growth by reading the branches of heart line which are confiding under mercury mount. This is the steps to read hand in palmistry.

    14th deals about palm line changes. ie., Influence, travel, and minor lines are tend to grow , reduce, fade, disappear, become prominent depending on favor and unfavour periods of life. Where as, Life, heart, head and fate lines use to grow in proportion to the growth of the body, but never change. They remain constant. This statements do not require correction as this is been understood since ancient period.

    15th details unfortunate blues. ie., If palm lines are appeared to be blurred, or appearances of large fishing net lines cover whole palm indicates ill health and unfortunate blues even early life experiences seems fortunate. Hence, It is wise to make positive readings than saying negatives in such cases.

    16th deals about "way to ask readings from palmist" ie., With belief and compassion, speak to the palmist kindly and give him a good chair, and offer him betel leaves and betel nuts in a steel plate along with gold or silver coin in it before asking him question. (This was the ancient traditional method in India)

    17th deals about Venus mount. (there is no lower mars mount in this school, hence, life line encircles whole Venus mount). This mount indicates one's confidence, courage, masculine, strength, activeness, talent, brutality, truthfulness, haughtiness, and also indicates family matters.

    18th details Jupiter mount. It shows details about one's beauty, physique, standards, higher posts in career, success, career, business, food, costumes, ornaments, dresses, vehicles, herds, machines, so on.

    19th deals about Saturn mount, which shows studying art, savant, learned, temple prayers, god beliefs, beard, pipe like thick sticky hair-of saints, renunciation, charity or devotional place for living, begging, religious rules, penance, and so on

    20th deals about Apollo mount, which shows one's house, land, buildings, gardens, agriculture lands, wealth keeping lockers, currency, wells, and so on

    21st deals about mercury mount, which shows career in medicine, law, strength in voice, music, drama, acting, story writing, literature, films so on...

    22nd deals about sex/manmatha mount (manmathan- lord of sex/union), which is situated lower left portion of mercury mount. It shows one's desirable marriage, love, pleasure, virtuous nature, enemies, cripples, sick, relations, death, diversity, conflicts, philanthropic so on...

    23rd deals about mars mount, which situated between moon mount and heart line. It shows one's haughtiness, anger, fearless, pride, sex, egoistic, malice, spiteful, security, military services, so on...

    24th deals about moon mount. It shows one's overseas travels, getting properties from spouse, life of spouse, sexual pleasures, dresses, conformability, cosmetics, fragrance, desires in gold and wealth, children physique so on...

    25th deals about kankana mount, which is situated on wrist below the moon and Venus mount. It shows one's mother, mother's younger sister, maternal uncle, father, father's siblings and their spouses, properties and lands of elders, house, short travels, tours, pilgrims travels. so on...

    26th deals about life line, which gives details about one's good fortunes, bad fortunes, good deeds, bad deeds, enemies, sickness, life threatening, death, planet transition, death of father and mother. so on...

    27th deals about heart line, which gives details about dog bites, snake bites, disturbances, female disorders, disturbances from animals, deafness, blindness, cripples, poison, suicides, sudden dangers so on...

    28th deals about head line, which gives details about one's partial deafness, dumb, cripples, stooped shoulders, and all physical defects could be read through head line

    29th deals about fate line, which gives details about sickness, house move, career changes, transfer, fire stick? , debts, steeling, judicial cases, penalty, imprisonment, hanging, cripples of wife and children, treatments in hospital so on...

    30th deals about sun line, which implies the matter of royalty, getting respects, getting wealth, getting money from iron industries, currency, prestige etc.

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    31st deals about misfortune lines and it's timings, which are been identified through defects, island, blocks, breaks, separations, chains, gaps on heart and life lines. Time gauge should be applied by dividing the lines 70 years instead of 120years, and Beginning of heart line and life line starts from Jupiter mount when counting misfortune events (This condition changes for other readings) Time of events should be calculated through the mounts present above the heart line as well.

    32nd deals about timing of head line. Head line begins under Jupiter mount. and beginning and ending of this line never change at any reading. The middle of this line represents middle age-hence,35 years.

    33rd deals about luck line and it's timing. In this verse, sage mentions that peoples destiny made when they were created in their mother's womb itself.
    Life line begins from wrist in this case (almost in most of the other readings too). Time gauge should be applied for 70years below upwards , instead of the range 120years. Luck lines are upward branches of life lines. Event of luck should be calculated through the above given guidelines.

    34th deals about planetary transition.(malefic planets). This should be identified through where the influence line cuts life line. Time gauge of life line should be applied for 70 years, from below upwards. some strange description is given in this verse. that is, life line ends till 188th Jupiter sea, at 70 years-it may be the count of palmar Dermatoglypics line. (finger web portion is identified as Jupiter sea, Saturn sea, and Apollo sea respectively in this book- some times, it implies raja loop, loop of serious, and loop of humor as well).

    35th deals about inheritance. ie, when life line does not have any breaks and separation, and reaches bracelet lines with kind of fork and forms many boxes around it indicates inheritance such as house, lands and gardens.

    36th deals about inheritance related notes. ie, when life line has break or separation, it indicates hindrance in properties one after another or will be sold. Time gauge should be applied through reading the downward branch of life line or misfortune and defective periods of fate line. On contrary, if the life line is well formed without break or separation, the boxes formed between bracelet line and life line indicating inheritance. This boxes gets more value when the sun mount too has boxes. This is the trick in reading the palm.

    37th deals about father and mother lines. Forked base of life line(wrist side) indicates parent lines. The line facing percussion side is called father line. And another one facing Venus mount is called mother line. Fine hair lines on below and above to this respective lines indicates siblings of respective parents.

    38th deals about death or danger to the parents. When the parents line has square sign on it, it indicates respective parents in relation to the line in which it is present, accordingly father or mother will be crippled or gets stooped shoulder. Time gauge should be applied through upward branch of life line . If the line is broken, or has gap or blurred, it indicates death or danger to the father or mother respectively.

    39th deals about deafness or tragic death of parents. when the parents line ends with egg like elliptical shape, it indicates deafness of mother or father respectively. Time gauge should be counted through upward branch of life line, below upwards, by dividing the lines for 70 years. If circle sign present on parents line, it suggests blindness of respective parents according to on which line the circle line present(father or mother line). if a star sign present on this line, it suggest tragic or sudden death of the parents respectively.

    40th deals about siblings of mother. number of upward hair line branches of mother line indicates number of maternal uncles and downward branches indicates number of mother's sister(maternal aunties or also called step-mother by Hindus)

    41st talks on divine secrets in relation to the number of siblings and children. In some cases, The count of sibling lines on Venus mount and the lines on knit of backside of thumb (sibling lines) may vary with the number of siblings we have in reality. similarly, children line count on heart line too varies with reality in some cases. It is consider to be the divine secrets of their parents life, hence, cannot be revealed those secrets in this verse.

    42nd deals about diseases of uncles and aunties. when many blocking line cuts the maternal
    or paternal - uncles or aunties lines and forms the appearance of branches of bamboo tree or black dots on it indicates diseases of the respective uncle or aunties which worries them often.

    43rd deals about blindness , dumb, and cripples of maternal uncles and aunties. when maternal uncles and aunties lines ends with circle sign or circle sign present at the middle indicates blindness of maternal uncle or auntie according to the presentation. Time gauge should be applied through upward branches of life line, below upwards, by dividing the line for 70 years. when square or boxes present in the same cases, it indicates cripples or dumbness or physically challenged. if this sign present at the end of line, the event will happen before the middle age of possessor. if the sign present at the base , the event will happen after the middle age of the possessor.

    44th deals about maternal uncles and aunties. Number of upward and downward fine branches rising from mother line indicates number of maternal uncles and aunties respectively.

    45th deals about roller coaster life/death of maternal uncle or aunt. cross on the respective maternal uncle or aunt line indicates roller coaster life of maternal uncle or aunt. It results frequent unnecessary traveling. Time gauge applied from upward branch of life line, below upwards, by dividing the life line 70 years. presence of star on this line indicates tragic death of them.

    46th deals sufferings of paternal uncle or aunt.(siblings of father). when the respective line seems dark or fades, it indicates sufferings of paternal uncle or aunt due to the separation of spouse and children or mental worries

    47th deals ill-health of paternal uncle or aunt. cross on the paternal uncle or aunt lines indicates frequent unnecessary travels of the paternal uncle and aunt. if present of island or fades in this line, indicates chronic illness of them.

    48th deals about blindness and tragic death of paternal uncle/aunt. if circle present on the respective line, indicates defects in one eye or blindness of both eyes. if star on this line, indicates tragic death of them.

    49th deals of orphan or a person who was grown in foreign land. if anyone of the parent line among two seems broken at many places, indicates that respective parent had become foe to him. If there is no fork at this place (parent lines), but, seems many breaks at the wrist side of life line or blankness of those area indicates that the possessor was not lived under the care of parents during his childhood, and grown up in the house of relatives or charities.

    In 50th verse, author says good words to the sincere palmists who follow his verses. ie, If you sincere in following this verses/book, Either he(sage-author of this verses) will be visible or will come in your dreams in order to assist you.

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    51st deals about death of parents. if the parent line fork is not widely diverged each other, but fades any one among two, respective parents will suffer for 3 months followed by a danger occurs in relation to health issue. where as, if any one of parent line among two is widely diverged from the main course of life line or broken at many places indicates the death of the respective parents. Time gauge should be applied from the upward branch of life line, by reading the life line below upwards, by dividing the lines 70years .

    52nd deals the death of parents again with peculiarity. if there is any bad sign like fade, dullness, island, block line, fork , or break on parent line indicate prior death of parents due to the (luck) of spouse. Incase if those bad sign present on middle or end of those parents line, indicating death of respective parents at the latter part of the possessor's life

    53rd deals about the death place of possessor. If the life line begins from Jupiter mount and ends on Venus mount without interruption like the passage of the canal, it indicates that help of the relatives at the latter age followed by death at the hometown. In contrast, if the life line ends on mount of moon indicates support from foreigners at his latter life followed by death at foreign place.

    54th deals about sibling's details. Horizontal lines on Venus mount, which are beginning from thumb, and ends towards life line are called sibling lines. This includes the children of second and third wife of father also if there is any. Elder and younger siblings should be identified through reading the sibling lines above downwards respectively.(lines on the top are elders, where as- bottom lines are counted as young ones) If the sibling line cuts the life line, indicates that that sibling will be jealous, spiteful and being foe on the possessor. And, That sibling wont help the possessor. If the sibling line stops before cutting the life line indicates that that particular sibling will be loving, kind and helpful to the possessor. Details about the good life, bad life , wife, children, longevity of siblings and siblings who live in foreign land are revealed through reading the lines on backside portion of thumb-knit (between logic and will phalanges). Experience expertise you in reading sibling line.

    55th deals about sibling lines again. If a possessor found to be have broad and well raised Venus mount like of a mountain, and having presence of many sibling lines on it without fading, divergence, breaks, and defects, which are shining like a gold indicates that possessor will have many helping siblings.(author mentions that more than 7 or 12 such siblings will be expected- although this verse does not consist such a specific numbers in it)

    56th deals about gender variations of siblings. fine lines on Venus and moon mount indicates children of mother and wife respectively. It includes born, live and death children as well. Thick lines should be counted as male children and thin line indicates female children.

    57th deals about elder and younger siblings in specific. Although there are 3 places in the
    hand representing one's siblings, most important aspects are noted among them is from male's right thumb and female's left thumb. That is from the lines on upper backside knit of the thumb. lines which are present above the knit represents elders and below the knit represent younger siblings respectively.

    58th deals siblings who have female child or no child at all and also many notes on siblings. if anyone of the sibling line has broken, which are situated on backside of thumb knit, indicates sufferings of the siblings at possessor's middle age. if break or island present in the same case, indicates cripple of sibling in relation to mouth, nose, eyes, ears, fingers. if there is presence of circle or cross sign on the branch of the sibling line indicates abroad travels of siblings. if there is presence of circle beneath the line or middle of line, indicates no male offspring or no children to that siblings. In the later case, if the sibling had male child, that child will be physically challenged till it's 2 and quarter years in related to neck, hand and legs (due to bad planetary influence) OR, That particular sibling may undergo for marital discard OR It represents that at the two and quarter age, or before the 7th age or 13th age of that child, sibling's spouse will die. If a branch of sibling line is long and strong, it indicates, that sibling will have pleasant and peaceful life with male and female children.

    59th deals about beginning and end of the sibling line, and details about the paralysis and impairment in walking of siblings. The line presents on backside of the thumb-knit, is termed sibling line. The line which is facing the palm side (front) is the beginning part of this line. where as, the terminal end of the line faces towards the dorsal area of the hand. Defects at the beginning of this line indicates the effect would happen before the middle age(35) of possessor. if defects at the terminal end of line indicates after the middle age(35) of possessor. if this line folds and faces downward, it indicates that the possessor's sibling will suffer with paralysis at that age. presence of square in this line indicates impairment of walking to the possessor's sibling.

    60th deals about overseas travels of siblings. presence of cross mark on the sibling lines, which are situated on the backside of the thumb-knit indicates overseas traveling of siblings. Time gauge should be applied through where the upward branch begins from the possessor's life line. Life line should be read below upwards in this case.

    61st deals about sibling who don’t have children. presence of circle line on sibling line, which are situated on the thumb-knit, indicates no children to that sibling. and it leads them to roam many pilgrims for the child birth.

    62nd deals about violent death of sibling. presence of star sign on this sibling line indicates violent death through electricity or thunder or fallen tree or mountain fall or fell in pit etc., Timing depends where the star is located at possessor's palm. if the star is present at the beginning of line, it indicates that occurrence would happen prior to possessor's middle age. if it present at terminal end, the death of sibling is expected at the latter life of possessor's sibling.(middle age is 35)

    63rd deals about sibling who become enemy. If the sibling line on Venus mount appears to be too long than usual, such sibling will pretend like they are kind. if it cuts the life line, they betray you for any reason. if the sibling line become bolder after cutting life line , indicates such sibling will badly influence in your life.

    64th deals about person who doesn't get help from siblings. Even if the Venus mount is well developed, but, reduced in it's breadth through the confined sweeping of life line indicates loosing help from sibling and relations. on contrary, they may get help from others.

    65th deals about marriage of sibling. sibling line on either Venus mount or on thumb-knit seems to leave a strong branch in a particular period indicate that in that particular period of time, such sibling's status will raise or profession will improve or marriage will occur due to luck. It can even indicate the period of puberty in case of sister. Timing should be calculated from the raising branch of life line. Life line should be timed below upwards in this case.

    66th deals about sibling who raise the family. If the sibling line on Venus mount seems to have prominent square sign in it, indicate that that sibling will improve his family . he/she can be younger or elder or middle one in the family. But. That does not matter.

    67th deals about rahu thesa. Our ancestors have founded the distances, fast, shining and dullness, live and dead of 9 planets and 27 constellation many thousand years before. This planetary influence has effect on every living beings. When a planet revolve the sun completely, that period is consider to be the thesa of that particular planet. when the influence line cuts the life line and enters the Saturn mount, it indicate rahu maha thesa. This period is calculated by life line below upwards. Total time gauge is 70 years. middle part of life line is 35years.

    68th deals about bad effect of rahu thesa. The period of rahu thesa is 18 years. First 8years of rahu thesa produce lots of ill-effects. Later 10years, this ill-effects will be minimized.

    69th deals about the effects of rahu thesa again. This bad influence of rahu affects one's daily food requirement, happiness, dresses, living places, and also spoils family life such as having child without wife or no children in their life so on...

    70th deals about 9 planets and it's calculation. It takes 6 years when sun revolve it's own. moon takes 10 years time to revolve around sun. similarly, mars for 7years, rahu for 18 years, Jupiter for 16 years, Saturn for 19 years, ketu for 7 years, Venus for 20 years revolve around sun to complete one successive cycle.

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    71st deals about budhich cithirangal and it's calculations. First , multiply the current planetary thesa period with the next planetary thesa as the period of every planets were given in previous verse. Again multiply the result with 3. This value is called budhi. Add quarter day for every month of budhi, and add half naligai for every remaining days. Again, multiply the end result with 3. This number of days is called ''cithiram''. The calculation for planetary astrology and palmar line astrology are one and the same. This is been explained in every panchanga as maha thesa and it's budhi cithiranggalum.

    72nd deals about death through hanging or bomb explosion. If there is a thick influence line cuts the life line, then bends up, with presence of star sign on Saturn mount or any phalanges of Saturn, indicates death through hanging or bomb explosion. Timing should be applied through the faulty periods of fate line. In the same case, if there is a presence of square mark on Jupiter indicates escaping from such danger. In the latter case, Timing should be applied through the raising branch of life line. Life line should be read below upwards in order to time the event.

    73rd deals about imprisonment or paying penalty at court of law. when the prominent influence line cuts the life line and reaches till the sun mount and touches the island line there (any line forms island) indicates either imprisonment or penalty for criminal cases.
    Author's note:- If the influence line cuts heart line, indicates the problem occur through criminal case. if the influence line cuts only head line, but not heart line indicates sufferings through civil cases at court of law.

    74th deals about enemies and lose of money. if the influence line, which begins from Venus, cuts the life line and fate line, then moves further bit indicates either one of family member or sibling will turn into enemy and causes troubles. if the same line cuts sun line additionally, indicates problem and stress, unnecessary spending of money(to solve the problem), unnecessary travels(to solve the problem). In the latter case, problem occur by others, not from family members. Timing should be applied through the defective period of fate line.

    75th deals about losing valuable things through theft. when a prominent influence line cuts life line , fate line and sun line, then reaches till the mars mount(in this school, there is only one mars mount- upper mars mount) indicates loosing gold, or ornament or valuable thing or herds(animals) of any kind through theft. or It indicates house fire or factory fire will be expected. Timing should be applied through the defective periods of fate line.

    76th deals about helping other family. if a influence line cuts life line, fate line and sun line and terminates on moon mount, indicates helping anyone of the sibling's family by giving them money every month from his salary.

    if 1 or 1 and half size - lengthy vertical offshoot raises from the life line, indicates the possessor will give refuge to one person (male or a small boy) by adding him in his family by providing food, dresses, shelter including his funeral at last part of life. Number of such lines shows number of funeral done by possessors. In both cases, timing should be applied through the raising branch of life line below upwards.

    77th deals about chokkatta rekha - Grill sign. Presence of grill sign either on the center of Venus or top, or middle , or bottom of the Venus mount is termed Chokkatta rekha (chokkatta is a dice board game- in which the board represents many squares like of grill- hence, the name). Presence of Chokkata rekha indicates that the possessor will do anyone of the following job/act for the particular period of time. That is, either pick packet, or gambling, or cheating others, or playing dice games, or playing cards. Time gauge should be applied from the raising line of life line below upwards.

    78th deals about line of power and authority. This line begins from Venus and ends at Jupiter mount. It appears to be thick at the base and thin at the end. This line bestows good speaking ability and grand success to the possessor.

    79th deals about the result of power and authority line. Presence of this line bestows strong mind, zeal of action, leadership, thoughts on work, eloquent , open mindedness, protective talent, benevolence. Moreover, It gives success and power in his country and other country during the time where raising upward branch of life line begin.

    80th deals about line of Venus. some learned palmists misleads, by writing in books and magazines that line of Venus is situated on sun mount. On contrary, Venus line is situated on the Venus mount , who is being the guru of asuras. By making Navabhasanas, 64Bhasana things, 64bhagana things into fluid and founded the formula of the Preparing bharpasenthuram (traditional medicine which is used to increase the longevity and beauty), who converts the iron into gold, my master. traditional chemist and sage.ramasamy taught me that line of power and authority is called "line of Venus".(refer, 78 and 79th verses)

    81st deals about double life line. Most commonly humans have single life line in their palm. But 1 among thousand individuals have double life line in their palm. There is chances of long life for those who possess Double life line. This usually reduces the ill-effect of possessor at the defective periods of line by means of compensatory mechanism.

    82nd deals about longevity of 120 years. if the life line touches the bracelet line at the bottom, and reaches the 188th Jupiter sea
    at the top, heart line touches the base of Jupiter mount and reaches till mercury mount, fate line begins from bracelet line and reaches till Saturn mount, and having 4 bracelet line which encircles both Venus and moon mount without any defect of any lines, all lines seems red in color assures free from major diseases, free from worries like of child's mind and longevity for 120 years.

    83rd deals about over-longevity (karpa kala ayul). if the life line touches the Jupiter sea at the top and bracelet line at the bottom, heart line touches the manmatha mount at percussion side of palm and reaches till Jupiter mount, Fate line begins from bracelet line and reaches till Saturn mount or Saturn finger, along with presence of virtue line (line of clairvoyance) at the moon mount, also presence of ring of Saturn at Saturn mount assures the longevity like of sun god or such possessor will win the lord. of death (yama) or it represents the longevity of lord.bramha, who lives for billion human years.

    note: practically it means over longevity.

    author's notes: life line and heart line has the tendency to change it's beginning and ending point.(hence, It should be read from both sides.)

    84th deals about "finding the current age of the possessor". presence of shining blood flow on the life line below upwards shows the current age of the possessor like how the thermometer shows the temperature. It remain hard to find the age of possessor by the palmist who does not use lens, scale and lacking experience in reading it . Another short-cut method is that ask the approximate age of possessor ( if he is unsure) and find the defective fate line periods of possessor by applying 70 years of time scale below upward and, Through finding the good and bad periods of life line by focusing on upward and downward branches of life line respectively by applying the time scale for 70years below upwards. Then, it will be easy to estimate the current age of possessor after relating the query of the possessor with the presentation of the lines.

    85th deals about death or danger. It is not good to have break/gap in life line and heart line like two pieces. This presentation shows danger or death at those period. Time gauge of life line should be applied above downwards by applying time scale for 70 instead of 120 years and Time gauge of heart line should be applied from the percussion side by keeping the time scale 23 instead of 28years under each mount above the heart line. then, apply time scale 70years for fate line. To conclude the timing, keep the life line as a chief , and heart and fate lines as sub-chiefs and enquirer, the judgments of these lines will show either death or escape from the danger of possessor.

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    86th deals about heart breaking mental agony or disease. if the influence line cuts and passes across the life line indicate
    heart breaking mental agony or disease at the period. Time gauge should be applied from below upwards by dividing the line for 70years.

    87th deals about big and small worries. if a hair like fine influence line or thick influence line cuts or attacks the life line indicates small mental worries or big mental worries respectively.

    88th deals about defects of life line and it's results , also details about "Aavaesa kuthirai" (meaning: Brutal horse). if anyone has destructive sign on his any part of his life line, it indicates worries through ill-health. Timing should be applied as said in earlier verses. presence of fading sign on life line indicates physical shock or physical weakness. island on life line indicates either formation of wound, ulcer, gangrene, or any physical defects. if you expertise this book which consist subtle calculations, they will own a beautiful brutal horse as a gift during the period where raising luck line begin in their life line. If they ride that horse, they can travel in sky and know the wonders of 9 planets, it's calculation and distances easily.

    p.s:- I don’t have any idea about this brutal horse. They may be talk about flying saucer or similar kind which some of Hindu epics has stories about

    89th deals about skin complaints like boils, furuncle, cellulitis, tumour, or fissure-in- ano or similar variety of illness. presence of minute break or black holes as if pressure made by nip of pen, on life line indicates that possessor will suffer by anyone of above mentioned diseases, followed by minor surgery(incision) will be done in order to cure it.

    90th deals about hindrance in properties. if a influence line cuts life line and stops at fate line by touching it indicates hindrance problem arises in anyone of the possessor's property or landed property either from anyone of family member or from others through the property documents. Timing of event should be noted through the defective periods of fate line by dividing the lines into 70.(107th verse deals about timing of fate line)

    91st deals about "detecting the yearly palmistry results". Read the life line below upwards by dividing the lines into 70years, use a scale to measure the yearly result precisely, in order to know one's position, status, marriage, professional success of a particular year which you look for. and note it down. Then, read the life line above downwards by dividing the line into 70years in order to know one's sickness, and deadly dangers of a particular year which you look for and note it down . Divide the fate line into 70years below upwards in order to know the house move, career changes of a particular year which you look for and note it down. you have to read the sum total result of specific year in this fashion.

    92nd deals about "detecting monthly palmistry result". Get two ink prints of right hand for males and left hand for females. Read the life line in both direction- above downwards and below upwards - by dividing the line into 70 years. Despite of knowing the result of particular month of particular year, identify the year first by using scale. Then, Divide the point of year into 12 equal parts as each month of particular year. now trace the favorable and unfavorable events of life line by reading the life line in both direction.(hence, two ink prints of the hand is required)

    93rd deals about "daily palmistry result" . Read the heart line in both direction- beginning from Jupiter to manmatha mount and vice versa- divide the heart line with mount which and all it covers. give 23years of time scale instead of 28 for each mount. similarly, read the other lines of palm with time scale as said in previous verses. Then trace out the result of particular year followed by the month of the year. finally, focus on the daily result by dividing the line appropriately.

    Author's notes: It is difficult to find daily fortune by reading the lines. but, Those who experienced enough can determine the daily fortune easily through palm reading.

    94th deals about result of luck lines (33rd verse deals about timing of luck line). upward branches of life line is called "luck line". luck line indicates period of financial raise followed by opening new business or owning gold or owning herds/animal or owning vehicle or owning landed properties or marriage event or time of pregnancy or getting opportunity for higher education or getting promotion in career or reaching high post or construction of building at the period of time. Timing should be applied below upwards by dividing the life line into 70 years instead of 120years.

    Note: In this verse, author explains the general indication of luck line. He explains the specific indication in the following verses.

    95th deals about getting higher post, status and power in government. if the life line leaves a raising branch till the Jupiter mount, it indicates happiest life at the time by getting higher position in government services. In order to time the event, read the life line below upwards by dividing the lines into 70years.

    96th deals about property shares or separate family. if luck line terminates by facing towards Saturn mount, it indicates either sharing of property or going as a separate family due to family conflicts. Timing applied below upwards by dividing the life line for 70years.

    97th deals about "occult science practitioners" (astrologer or palmist or prophesy teller etc.,) if a luck line raise till the Saturn mount indicates leading profession in occult sciences such as prophesy teller or preacher or priest or astrologer etc., Time scale should be applied below upwards by dividing the life line for 70years.

    98th deals about profit through agriculture. if a branch of life line reaches till the sun mount indicates owning agricultural lands and gets profit through agriculture at that period of time. Time scale should be applied below upwards by dividing the life line for 70 years.

    99th deals about singer or drama artist or musician or preacher. if a luck line reaches till the mercury mount, it indicates the possessor will lead any one of the above mentioned career at that particular age. Timing should be applied below upwards by dividing the life line into 70years.

    100th deals about butcher or smuggler or broker. If a luck line reaches till the (upper) mars mount, it indicates that the possessor will lead the job of butcher, or smuggling and selling the gold / things / food, or marriage broker or land broker at that period of time. Time scale should be applied below upwards by dividing the lines into 70years.

    101st deals about job related to fragrant items /perfumes/ aromatic medicines. if a luck line reaches the moon mount indicates that the possessor will lead the job related to the fragrant items or selling aromatic medicines like camphor, kasthuri, kunkumapoo, at that period of time. Time gauge should be applied below upwards by dividing the life line into 70years.

    Note: This line is called "travel lines" in other school of palmistry. However, The diagram which is given in this book illustrates that this line is a upward branch of life line.

    102nd verse is entitled "sage. agastya's support (to this content)" . If a single or double line (1 or 1 and a half in length ) begins inside, and moves parallel to the life line , indicates that such period of time a deprived person will come to the possessor for seeking help or a young person will come to the possessor in order to get help related to educational fund or job . At those period, the possessor will help them. Time scale should be applied where the upward branch of life line begin. Read the line below upwards by dividing the line for 70years.

    103rd deals about derelicts/cadger/ homeless waif. if presence of thiruvodu sign on middle of the life line or head line indicates experiencing shock at the period of time followed by frustration and leading derelict and lazy life. That shows that he roams around charities after charities for daily food and sleep - Elliptical and big island sign (Thiruvodu- in Tamil - specific kind of begging plate, which is too hollow and elliptical in shape). Timing should be applied through reading the defective periods of fate line by dividing it into 70years.

    104th deals about "palm lines of child and details that how their good / bad fortune goes to their parents." Child life is divided into three stages. That is counted from the day when a child came out from the mother's womb to till it's 13thyears of age. Those stages of child are infantile, school going stage, active stage. In this period of the time, the parents experience all the good and bad fortunes of the children, represented by the lines and it's presentation.

    105th deals about absence of head line or fate line. some peoples, in this world, found to be have no head line. In those cases, their fate line take the role of head line and gives the benefits instead. Similarly, Those who does not have the fate line, are led by their fate itself. (That means, Their life experiences shows or demonstrate what their fate is!)

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    106th deals about affluent/royal family (well settled family- powerful and dominant family). if there is presence of many boxes between life and bracelet line in alignment indicates that the possessor belongs to either royal family or affluent family, who has inherit ant landed properties, palace, and power and dominancy.

    107th deals about timing of fate line. Apply 70 years of time scale, instead of 120years and read the line below upwards. Fate
    line shows 30years of age where it touches the head line, 40 years of age where it touches the heart line, 70 years of age where the fate line terminates at Saturn mount.

    Author's note: Keep the bracelet line as base where the fate line begin. 1-1/2 inches from the beginning of fate line shows 15years of age, 1-3/4 inches from the beginning of fate line shows 18years of age, 2inches from the beginning of fate line shows 22years of age. 2-1/4 inches from the beginning of fate line shows the 25years of age. 30 years is shown where the fate line touches head line.

    Additional notes: Incases of old man who are more than 70 years of age, apply 40years of age where the fate line touches head line, 80years of age where the fate line touches heart line, and the termination of fate line on Saturn mount shows the 120years of age.

    108th deals about name and fame. presence of vertical lines , which is of bright and clear, on Jupiter, Saturn, and sun mounts indicates that obtaining name and fame in his country and other countries either by leading big business or through sacrificing nature. This line should be long, and bright by keeping the heart line as base. Timing should be applied by reading the upward branches of life line below upwards.

    109th deals about adopted son. if the fate line begins with polygon or the beginning of the fate line framed by many strong lines indicate that he
    was adopted at childhood with required rituals or he will help a person at his youth without considering the burdens of parents or At his school days, he will be officially adopted by the person who does not have children and shows the official registration of properties in his name.

    110th is entitled "Each lines and markings produce different results". Lines and it's branches, beginning and it's end, signs and defects on one's palm produces different results individually. Beginning and end of every fine lines on palm , blocks, diversions, break, island, produces different results depends on the direction of the lines and each has it's unique notes.

    111th deals about traveling to abroad. Presence of island or break on fate line indicates abroad travel either business related or tour related. Timing should be applied by associating the defective period of fate line and the upward branch of life line.

    112th deals about debts. presence of downward branch of life line indicates getting debts due to excess of expenses. Timing should be applied through reading defective period of fate line.

    113th deals about additional career or double career. Presence of upward branch of fate line indicates leading an additional career along with main career at that period of time. Timing should be applied through reading the fate line and it's upward branch in association with the upward branch of life line.

    114th deals about general results of whorl and loop. Loops and whorls can be seen on the middle of the top phalanges of 5 fingers and also On the 7 mounts namely Jupiter , Saturn, sun, mercury, mars, moon, and Venus mounts. During the prosperous period of life, loop bestows mediocre benefits. In contrast, whorl bestows the maximum benefits.

    115th deals about either change of career or house move. If a strong blocking line cuts fate line indicates leaving the job or changing the career or house move. Timing should be applied through reading the defective period of fate line.

    116th deals about period of intimacy with family members. If the life line begins from wrist and runs upward without any break, by leaving a upward branch indicates intimate and kind relationship with family members ie., father and mother or siblings or being a joined family at that particular period of time. Time gauge should be applied where the luck line begins and read the life line below upwards by dividing into 70years.

    117th deals about relationship with stranger. If the fate line begins from moon mount, indicates getting help from the stranger in relation with either business matter or living together, as a rule, not getting help from relatives, during the time of raising upward branches of life line.

    118th deals about frugality / thriftiness. If the heart , head and life lines are conjoined together between Jupiter and Venus mount, indicates thriftiness in spending money to charities, donations and family expenses.

    119th deals about paucity of monthly earnings. If the fate line or a short line above the heart line terminates either between the index and Saturn finger at 188th Saturn's sea or between the Saturn and sun finger at sun's sea indicates paucity of monthly earnings although his earnings are increasing more like the stream of river through arts or agriculture or educated fields, or coolie works.

    First part of this book ends and Second part of this book, namely " family stage " begins from here....

    120th deals about marriage lines. The line appears horizontally from the percussion side of mercury mount is called "marriage line " or "Line of union". Marriage line shows that all kind of trouble in related to partner, and their union , love, pleasure and worries, illnesses, separation, and death.

    121st deals about "timing of marriage" . Apply the time scale 70 years begining from the heart line to lower crease of little finger and read the marriage event. Time the marriage event by associating the timing of first marriage line with the timing of upward branch of life line below upwards by dividing it into 70years.

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    Thank you, Stalin. Sounds interesting. And, thank you for translating.

    What you is so true re: our original Shastras, whether Aryan or Dravidian. There is much knowledge and wisdom, hidden tfrom all except the seekers.


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    Thanks Stalin for the translation. I too have this book, and know the difficulty in understanding and translating the verses. Hats off for your effort.
    It would be very good, if you publish the complete translation as a book, so that this rare science is not lost..
    It is surprising to find many palmistry related works written in India, several years prior to cheiro ... According to wiki, one of the first book on palmistry is "The Teachings of Valmiki Maharshi on Male Palmistry". Did you happen to come across this book?
    Karthik K
    --Hari Om Namo Narayana--

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    Thanks for the link Stalin. Let me check it out....Have any Siddhars or other sages written on Palmistry?
    Karthik K
    --Hari Om Namo Narayana--

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    tilo got thou min tilc 0th wintrl .midl
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    Hi Stalin,
    Thanks for your link. It seems to contains many interesting articles. Surprised to know about Sariraka Sastra.

    I came to know about Sri valmiki's book in the wiki link
    Even I could not find more details about this book.
    Other than Kamala Maamuni Regai Shastaram, i have Sampoorna Regai Shastram (Looks like a old reprint), same from Devi book house .
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    Karthik K
    --Hari Om Namo Narayana--

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    Hello karthick,

    Which 'sariraka sastra book' are you referring? is it the one of the work of kamala maa muni? did you download the book from the link? I could not download that book from the link. if you have the soft copy of it, can you send it to my id. My id is

    Or , are you taking about samudrika sastra and puruda samudrika lakshana?

    By the way, Thanks for mentioning about another palmistry classic in your last post.

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    Hello karthick and other friends,

    I hope, The following link gives way to get numerous palmistry, astrology and other divination tamil classic works. It includes hast rega shastra written by kamala maa munivar also. As i am browsing all this from my mobile phone, i am unable to download them. I just give you the link. If you peoples download them, please kindly send them to my id. My id is

    Please check this treasure of classic tamil books through following link:

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    GLUSM IMpltin hostil gnarlin hopkiti gel

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