8 to 10 green mangoes [seeds removed] - cut into wedges, salted and dried in sun for 2 days.
garam masala - 1/4 cup (store bought or your own)
methi - 1 tspn (roasted)
mangrael - 1 tspn (roasted) (small black seeds)
geera - 1 tspn (roasted)
garlic and chili [minced] - to taste
mustard oil - enough to cover mangoes in jar
salt - to taste


Heat up mustard oil. Let cool. Place dried mangoes in a large basin. Mix in all the rest of the ingredients except oil. Place in air tight jar. Add oil until mangoes are covered. Pickles are ready to serve after a couple of weeks. Jar may be taken out in the sun once a week. Take lid off while in the sun and cover with a towel.