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    Default English Idioms Learner - Audio

    Dedicated To You

    "It slipped my mind," "Don't fly off the handle," and "I'm counting on you" are just a few of the idiomatic expressions that native English speakers use on any given day, but that can completely confuse non-native speakers. Easy American Idioms cuts through the confusion and teaches natural-sounding conversational English.

    The lessons in this program focus on everyday situations: meeting people, expressing likes/satisfaction, expressing dislikes/displeasure, working, shopping, socializing, sports, television, going out, and more.

    Each section features useful and appropriate idiomatic expressions with dialogues interspersed between lessons.

    This Includes

    4 Audio CDs
    1 PDF containing the transcription of everything in the Audio CDs

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    Excellent upload. Thank you very much

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    Radhe Krishna

    THANK YOU, for this useful Upload


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    Heya to every body and those who will have read this comment in the future,

    I am studying English Linguistic in Hungary.Believe it or or not ,this site is one of the best of the best websites that I've ever could seen in my life.Imagine these American idioms are not free, I mean the CD.Nobody knows how long I had been looking for such information in one place and also free.But do not forget its a flesh in the pan.

    I am really appreciated to the admin of this site and I wish all of my best for her/him

    Be Happy, Good Luck and Enjoy the American Idioms

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    Dear Sir/Madam ,

    Thanks a lot for uploading such useful information.we student are really appreciate for this work and all the best.

    Eshgh , Hungary

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    thanks a lot

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