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Thread: Looking for tips to propose a girl

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    Default Looking for tips to propose a girl

    Hello guys.

    My grandparents live in flats near to my room, in the same building their is an Iyengar Girl. My grandparents moved to this place last year and i visit them daily, i have been seeing this girl for the past six months. Initially i never had an intention of liking her, but now i have developed a huge interested on her. I have never talked to her till now, i just look at her when she comes across me. My father was a christian and my mother was a brahmin, both are no more. I was raised in a brahmin family, since i do not have parents i am planning to get married as soon as possible.

    I have some kind of fear approaching her, she goes to college and comes in the evening around 4. For the past four days i am going to see her at that time, i am looking forward for tips on how to approach her and propose her.

    I suppose proposing straight away wont be right, i am looking for advice from girls and boys..

    Thanks in advance..
    Srinivas Kumar
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    Dont look for any tips or advice from anybody...Just be starightword and express ur love...

    I have been afraid to speak to girl for more than 10 years and by the time i proposed, i was able to understand she was more afraid than me. (it didnt suceed is a different manner)...

    Un Kannil Neer Vazhinthal.....En Nenjil Uthiram Kotuthadi......

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    So let me drop some points that may helpful to you

    1) First of all, believe in your own style.

    2) Don’t imitate the way others done for their success.

    3) If you need that much for some information, you can discuss this matter to one person you can trust most.

    4) Don’t share your crush to all of your friends.

    5) Avoid the way to her through her friends especially girls, I stress its very dangerous.

    6) Give privacy for your future love. That must be in your mind only.

    7) Your love should be heard from you only, not from others. Don’t fail in this.

    8) Try to see her usually, but don’t get attention from others that you are before her. Sometimes that irritates her.

    9) If she always along with her friends prefers the time she is along.

    10) Make your presence a routine to her, if there is a chance you can make it through calls finally it’s become a need for her. But don’t do as you disturb her. Give some intervals.

    11) If you have a chance to talk with her before proposal through any source you make her to feel comfort and happy when talk to you. I prefer SMS for this case.

    12) For above you just listen with great interest things to her and support her for everything.

    13) Tell your love to her in a short period of time, that’s means it’s upon your situation.

    14) Do you know one thing there is so many relationship started with first day proposal.

    15) Try to make some different styles approach and instance with your intelligence. I will try to post mine next time about different ways to say I love you.

    16) Say your love straight forward with confidence like a perfect man, please try to avoid sms, mail etc.

    Anyways this is only a reference to you, I always says that give preference to my first point.

    Finally I want to say one thing,
    “A girl always waits to get a proposal from a boy, even the love overflows in her mind.
    There is only a little chance to happen opposite”

    So don’t get late for your proposal go

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