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    Sanjeev Kapoor- Konkan Cookbook

    Publisher: Popular Prakashan | ISBN: 8179912167 | edition 2005 | PDF | 138 pages | 15 MB

    Nestling in the Western Ghats is the Konkan region. Konkan coastal cuisine is primarily the food of Konkani speaking people.

    The relatively undiscovered palm fringed beaches of the Konkan region are home to many a fishing village. The ribbon-like coastal Konkan belt is full of coconut plantations and a variety of seafood. Quite predictably, this area has some of the best seafood recipes of India. Tourists who have explored these coastal havens confirm their affinity towards coconut laced curries with a punch. Fish is considered as the ‘Fruit of the sea’ and fishing trawlers can be seen all along the coastline to collect the bounty of the Arabian Sea. The most common fish that are found include mackerels, sardines, sharkfish, kingfish, squids, sting rays and many other small fish. Pomfret, though available, is not found in abundance, hence the high price at times. Variety of shellfish includes prawns or shrimps of all sizes, crabs, mussels, oysters, lobsters and crayfish.

    As you go southward along the coast, you notice that certain ingredients of cooking are typical of this area, examples are Kokum, used in abundance in curries and vegetable gravies to add a touch of sourness; curry leaves, asafoetida, red chillies and coriander seeds. One of the favourite and famous vegetarian dishes, which will leave you with a taste that will haunt you for days to follow is the Solkadi. Though coconut is abundant in the Konkan, it is groundnut oil that is used as a cooking medium.

    Konkan food has slowly been gaining in popularity with specialty restaurants catering to a devoted following for this distinct cuisine. Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, who is a strong proponent of home cooking now makes the most well kept secrets of the traditional recipes accessible to everyone in the Konkan Cookbook. Written in his characteristic simple and logical style, he helps you find the right ingredients and tips for authentic results. The dishes cover the traditional fare of Malwan, Goa and Mangalore.In the book he casts his net far and wide, from Maharashtra down to Goa and Karnataka, and comes up with a catch that will astonish and delight any food lover.

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