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    In modern physics, when it comes to the question of subatomic particles, the
    scientists found that there is some instantaneous relationship and communication
    between subatomic particles that are seperated poles apart. Hence there is some
    inter-connection between the particles or the message is transmitted at a speed
    faster than light in a vacuum. It took a lot of time for the scientists to come to
    terms with this phenomenon, since it was originally thought that nothing can
    travel faster than light.

    Many philosopher-scientists turn to Hindu philosophy of Purnam, the indivisible
    oneness of all and the interconnection of everything. However we do not have any
    mathematical or empirical proof of this oneness except the upanishadic sayings
    which are general in nature. Acharyal's bashyams also do not throw any
    scientific light on this topic.

    I will be pleased to know from our learned members further on this subject.


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    There is one book called Mathematical Proof of God which I think gives the answer to your question. I donot rember whether I had uploaded or not but I have the book in my one of the external HD. I will try to hunt and upload.

    There is one more similar thread which has many references....please check that is here

    I have uploaded a small book of swami Dayananda Saraswati on Purnamadah ...Please check the same also. here are the direct links for the same

    and link for downloading e book is

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    Dear Mr.Sridhar Bhatt,

    Thanks a lot. I shall look for these links.

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    Dear Mr.Shridhar Bhatt,
    I saw the article. I think Osho's is a better analysis than this.

    That part, can you upload the book you have referred to ? Thanks.

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