What is real love ?????
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Thread: What is real love ?????

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    Default What is real love ?????

    Hi friends....
    I think that true love happens just once in a life time? please truly speak in here.....
    "Do you believe you only truly fall in love once?" I wanted to know what you guys have to say on the subject. Is true love something that only comes along once in a lifetime, or is it something that can grow and evolve over time?


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    I can explain...but please hear or read Narada Bhakti Sutras and shandilya Bhakti Sutras where in explanation for true love is present.


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    No reactions Here are some points to ponder before going to Divine Love...


    In materialistic world Love is nothing but a Emotional State of Mind. We all hear, speak, and read about love a lot. However, no material mind can ever understand what love is. Love is that which can’t be put into words, neither can it be described, nor can it be understood by reading.

    The great sage Narad Muni was asked to define love. However, even He replied,

    “Anirvachaniyam Premas-swaroopa cha” (Narad Bhakti Sutra)

    (“I cannot describe or define love; no one can” )

    Why can’t love be defined or made to understand? Because, when the person to whom you are explaining about love has never experienced it, then how on earth will he ever understand? Moreover, the heart that experiences love can never speak and the tongue that speaks never experiences it. You can only give someone an idea about love.


    The first sign of true love is when not even in thought the lover asks for anything.He/she is only intent on giving. Unfortunately we have known and practice only two kinds of love. Either it is a business where we give and take, or it is pure lust where we take
    True love means to give and give where one never tires of giving. It is pure and brilliant like the sun while lust is pitch darkness. Love itself is the eternal, endless sacrifice, surrender, and absolute faith.and take. That is why we remain miserable beggars of love.


    There is a vast difference between the worldly standpoint and the lover’s standpoint.Keep on loving. If a person is angry, there is no reason why you should be angry; If someone degrades oneself that is no reason why you should degrade yourself. ‘Why should I become angry just because one has made a fool of one’s own self.’ Whatever the world says or does, wherever it goes, it has no influence on the true lovers.

    In my description of true love, I am not referring to the images that we commonly associate with love and which we are bombarded with by popular culture. One moment a girl and a boy are seen ready to give their lives for one another and next moment they are fighting and hitting each other. This is not love but materialism


    Even when there is every reason for the love to be destroyed it does not. Instead true love keeps on increasing.

    “Gunrahitam Kamnarahitam Pratikschanvardhmanam” (Narad Bhakti Sutra).

    (“Love is not based on attributes, it is free of all desires, and it constantly

    In our modern consumer culture, love is a much used and abused word. Everybody assumes they know it when they see it, or “feel” it. The feeling we have towards others who are dear or close to us, who satisfy our hopes and longings, is considered “love”. This is the basis of our emotional life. But, through life’s experiences, we begin to see that our love can change over time. Emotions can be turned upside down in an instant, if someone hurts us, or if jealousy, possessiveness, or misunderstandings creep into our relationships.

    Is there a way of loving that always leads to happiness?

    An art of living that transcends pettiness and selfishness?

    Can we bring harmony into our lives by developing a higher kind of love than our own worn-out and battered version?
    Who better to go to for insights into this than a personality who thinks of nothing but the subject of Love, with a capital ‘L’. A personality who travels the universe inspiring people to lose themselves in love. We are talking about Sage Narada. A sage with a diplomatic passport to travel anywhere in the universe. Wherever there are beings suffering from the confusions and limitations of life without real love, there you will find Narada, with his inspiring message of love divine.

    Love is Divine, eternal, and unlimited.

    will be continued if any body is intersted......


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    Well, anyone can fall in love more than once, there is no limit, but what is so called true love? Both should not know when they started loving and proposing and accepting should have been redundant, that is true love, To tell you a true incident, X & Y, working together, started loving each other, they realised this only very lately, when they could not bear any separation and want to be together always, one day X asked Y how much money she is having, Y asked why? X said for our marriage expenses, then Y gave her savings, they got married, after a long time, when some of their friends, who were wondering about their beautiful love life, even after 15 years of marriage, asked one question: Who proposed and how? Only then X & Y started thinking and after some time, they came with the answer that none of them said the word "I Love You" so far. Even today, they look like new lovers and whatever happened before their marriage happens after marriage also, remember today 20 years had passed. I consider it to be the true love.

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