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Thread: Hindi Vs Tamil

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    நாங்க ரொம்பப் பாவம் (கைப்புள்ள குரலில் படித்துக் கொள்க).

    You are quite welcome..

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    Quite an interesting discussion going on here!

    Good to read your karuthukkaL, Karki.

    V - thanks for the link! There goes another 3 hours of my life.
    Over and out.

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    Wow I don't even recollect my arguments....Thanks to these forums its like going back 4 years and see how I was....Thanks to Geetham

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    what a foolish discussion.............there are other goods in life to discuss............why break our head on things that we cannot change.....See as it is......every language is good and beautiful.............All languages are God Made..........I love my country and love its all language....Hell with the critics of languages

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    hey guys why u all people hate hindi that i dont know .my mother tongue is hindi but i respect every language .i went to so many states,kerala,andhrapradesh etc there are many people who love hindi language . 42% people in india speaks hindi that is why it is a official language Hindi is the mother tongue of about 337 million Indians, or about 42% of India's population. About 180 million people in India regard standard Hindi as their mother tongue, and another 300 million use it as a second language. Outside India, Hindi speakers number around 8 million in Nepal, 1.9 Million in the USA 890,000 in South Africa, 685,000 in Mauritius, 233,000 in Yemen, 147,000 in Uganda, 30,000 in Germany, 20,000 in New Zealand and 5,000 in Singapore, while the UK and UAE also have sizeable populations of Hindi speakers.

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    are you in any way related to Ramana ;-)

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    OK,My mother tongue is Tamil but never in my life I have been advised to learn hindi.I give importance to my mother tongue than anything else then English. Please don't make hindi compulsory for the South Indians as they will never use it.

    நீடூழி வாழ்க தமிழ் மொழி

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    Hindi is not needed in South India specially in Tamil Nadu.It's only the state language then English.

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