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    கட்டுமரம் catamaran — the light watercraft that is nowadays so popular wherever water sports abound is named from the Tamil words kaTTu 'tie' and maram 'wood, tree': simply two trees tied together

    சப்பட்டை chapati — the name of the Indian whole-wheat tortilla came through Hindi, but its origin is Tamil cappaTTai, from cappa 'thin, flattened out'. It may be coincidental, but it also looks similar to the Tamil word câppiTu 'eat'

    இஞ் சி வேர்: ginger - Traced back through Greek zingiber to Sanskrit srngavera, the name of ginger (Zingiber officinale) is really of Dravidian origin. The Tamil name for ginger is iñci, and vêr means 'root'. The word iñci was probably ciñci in early Proto-Dravidian, which could explain the Sanskrit form. While srngavera became associated with srnga, 'horn', nevetheless clearly the word is not Sanskritic in form, but Dravidian, and the Sanskrit etymology was invented later. Ginger is native to South India

    மாங்காய் mango — this sweetly fragrant, succulent tropical fruit (Mangifera indica) is called mân in Tamil; the Tamil word for 'unripe fruit' is kây, so mân-kây became mangga in Malay and then mango in English via Portuguese. Why do we call the mango after its unripe version? Maybe because of commerce: fruit merchants shipped green mangoes because of their longer shelf life, to ripen later, and the non-Tamil merchants were used to hearing "mân-kây", so that became the basis of their word for them. When Tamilians eat mangoes, they call them mâm-palam, using the word for ripe fruit.
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    Good work...katteri...

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    மிளகுதண்ணீ ர் mulligatawny - spicy soup
    வாழிய செந்தமிழ்!

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    candy (rich sweet confection made with sugar) - from கண்டு

    corundum (extremely hard mineral, aluminum oxide) - from குருந்தம் (thamizh word for ruby)

    pariah (social outcast) - from பறையன் (community of drummers)

    cheroot (cigar with square-cut ends) - from சுருட்டு

    orange (fruit) - from னாறு (actually naaRu meaning to smell)

    anaconda (snake) - not sure but from ஆனை கொண்டான் (meaning one that eats snakes) more likely to be from sinhalese

    patchouli (small southeast Asian shrub Pogostemon cablin) - from பச்சு இலை
    யான் பெற்ற இன்பம் பெருக இவ்வையகம்

    sundaraveena :D

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    english word for kusudhu

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