Snacks(டிபன்) : Idli vuppuma or fried idli
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Thread: Snacks(டிபன்) : Idli vuppuma or fried idli

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    Default Snacks(டிபன்) : Idli vuppuma or fried idli

    Assured for Trying - நீங்கள் இதை முயற்சி செய்யலாம்.

    All u need:
    Idly 10
    Finely chopped onions 2 (medium size)
    tomato 1
    green chilly 5

    In a tawa pour oil and fry mustard.(konjam athikama ga ve irukkattum).Then add onions, chilly, tomato fry for 4 min later add idli.add some salt , turmeric powder, little chilly powder.

    For fried idli:
    Add some garlic, ginger along with onions, after 5 min add idli, add pepper, a teaspon of vineghar, chilly powder and salt keep frying until it bcoms crispy(light a iruntha pothum)
    I am back.........

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    katter, "ssoryavamsam" padam paarththingala?
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