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    Default Baked Pasta

    Baked Pasta


    Pasta - Any type
    Green Capsicum-cut into slices
    Red Capsicum-cut into slices
    Fresh Mushrooms
    Carrots - cut into small circles or however u wish too
    Mozarella cheese - shredded
    (u can add watever vegetables u wish)
    Tomato puree
    Tomato sauce
    Chilli sauce

    To get ready with the pasta:
    1.Boil the pasta in a pan until cooked.
    2.Drain it and leave it aside in a baking tray

    The Sauce:
    1.Heat pan and then add oil
    2.Add vegetables and gently stir fry them
    3.Add tomato puree and tomato sauce and chilli sauce and salt to taste, and some pepper.
    4.Let it boil for awhile and then cool it down. Make sure its not too watery.
    5.Add the sauce onto the cooked pasta in the baking tray and level it (to make sure it spreads to the whole tray)
    6.Add cheese on top of the ingredients and put in the oven for 20 minutes (or till cheese melts)
    7.Once done, cool the baked pasta to make sure it is all together and then enjoy it

    Hope u enjoy it... sori if my explanation wasn't clear enough

    I'M BACK!

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    Hey san, Thanks... seems to be a good one.. will try and let u know

    Explanation for perfect

    Happy Cooking


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