Ennavo Pudichirukku

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Cast: Sudeep, Bharani, Sinduri, Bhuvaneshwari, Vittal Prasad
Director: Meenakshi Sundaram

It's yet again the eternal love triangle, this time involving siblings who fall in love with the same girl. Santosh is the wicked one (Sudeep), the villan of the piece, while Vishwa (Bharani) is his foster brother. And the girl they both fall for is Sangitha (Sinduri), a girl from a middle-class family.

Even when Santhosh discovers that Vishwa and Sangitha are in love, he doesn't want to give up the girl. On the contrary, he goes to extreme measures to get her, even trying to remove Vishwa permanently from his path. Who gets the girl in the end forms the rest of the story.

No big names to boast of, and a debutant director at the helm, one didn't expect much from the film. But then one didn't expect such mediocre fare either! Neither is the script interesting nor is the treatment inspiring. And with such a scenario one surely can't expect the actors,

debutant Bharani, Sudeep (of 'Kadal Kondein' fame), and Sinduri ('Boys' and 'Thathi Thavuthu Manasu'), to rise above it.

Adding insult to injury, is the comedy track of Karunas. His take-off on Vikram's role of Chithan in 'Pithamagan' is not only sans humour but is also jarring. Further, one is still trying to find out why whenever Sudeep appears on the screen there is the sound of a horse neighing in the background!