General Forum Rules
Read this before downloading anything from this website


1. Be Sportive about the Topic .

2. Be Funny about the Topic.

3. Be Informative about the Topic.

4. If you don't know about the topic, Just read through and you will get atleast a funny response and don't just laugh at yourself, just share it so that everyone can Enjoy. Make sure your comment are not directed at a specific person or group.

5. If you don't know about the topic, Ask the part you don't understand.

6. This is a community which chit chats from kids to politics.

7. Remember you come to have fun and others will also be watching what fun you are having. Thats what community is about.

8. We dont recommend members giving hot links of any movies, videos of any other site or forum. No Advertisements of any kind is advisable.


1. Never ever try to Flood the forums.

2. Don't take things personal and talk personal if it is not associated with the topic.

3. Try not to comment at a specific user or speculate their opinion personally or speculate the topic itself.

4. This is community and large volume of people read and write here.

5. If there is a topic don't speculate the validity of topic, thats a very bad quality, It never helps anyone, Always remember this.

6. Never form a gang and try to provoke others.

* These are basic set of guidelines I personally have when I come in conduct with anyone, to an extent it will be little relaxed, but definetely there is a boundary.

* We least bothered about what other says about us.

* We are here to make you to create fun and enjoy the same.

There are lot of questions about Active Members:

I see questions about that from day one.

Like the name says, you need to actively participate in topics, we always encourage your personal opinion on the topics. Don't get wrong when some think differently about the same topic, it will basically increase the knowledge which is nothing but the other sides of the same topic.

Relax. Have Fun. No Worries. Be Happy.

Last but not least, Live the moment you spend here, Entertain Yourself.

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