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As a plant without its roots
As a cloud thats dry
As a song bird thats dumb
As an eagle thats blind
As a fish with its fins clipped
As life without air
As a sun without any light
As a moon without a planet
And then.....
As the night falls
I heard your heavenly calls
your memories crowd my mind
reminding me of a love thats kind
All through the night
I cry out your name
wish you were with me now
to take me through the pain
I see you as if you
dont remember me at all
when there was laughter
during autumn, spring and fall
The days I cant miss
When you give me
your immortal kiss
When I could hold the stars
and feel the skies
Saw someone within myself
who will never say goodbye's
I feel my candle burn
when your luv came like a dart
saw an Angel from heaven
it was you, my sweetheart.......
beautiful lines....