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Thread: Snacks(டிபன்) : Appam Variaties

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    Assured for Trying - நீங்கள் இதை முயற்சி செய்யலாம்.

    [glow=red:660a52a560] Cheese Palak Appam[/glow:660a52a560]

    1 cup maida,1/2 sp.oil,1/2 sp.salt,1/2 sp. pepper powder,1/2 cup cheese(grated),Chopped palak,3 green chillies,oil and milk - as required.

    Mix milk,oil,salt and pepper powder in a vessel.Sieve the maida and mix it.Then add water to the mixture.Then pour two big spoons full of the flour on a heated Tawa.Sprinkle the chopped palak and chillies.Then sprinkle grated cheese and turn the appam to the other side.Pour a littleof butter or oil round the appam and leave it till it becomes golden brown.Then remove and serve hot.

    [glow=red:660a52a560] Chocolate Badsam appam [/glow:660a52a560]

    3/4 cup maida,1 sp. chocolate powder,1 sp. cocoa powder,2 sp.badam ( chopped),1/2 sp. butter,milk,sugar powder - as required,1 cup cream,1/2 cup tutty - fruity,1/4 cup sugar.

    Mix maida,chocolate powder and cocoa powder and sieve.Then add melted butter, milk and mix well.Then mix the chopped badam.Then leave it undisturbed for an hour.Then pour a little of the mixture on a heated pan and cook.When the appam is ready sprinkle the sugar powder and roll the appam.Mix sugar with cream and tutty - fruity and spread this mixture inside each appam.Then roll it back.then decorate the appam with sliced badam and sugar.

    [glow=red:660a52a560] Arisi appam [/glow:660a52a560]

    1 cup rice,1/2 sp.oil,1/2 sp.grated coconut,1/2 cup roasted peanuts,1/2 cup green chillies,chopped coriander and oil as required.

    Wash the rice and soak in waer.Then drain it and grind in the mixie with salt ,oil and water.Then leave it as such for an hour.Then add grated coconuts,roasted peanuts and mix well.Then pour a little of the mixture on a heated pan and pour a little of oil round hte appam.When cooked,flip it over.Then sprinkle the corinder leaves and chillies and serve hot.

    priyageeth :D

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    Havent tried this.. Nalla irukkum pola irukae.. Will try it and let u know

    Thanks for the new recipe


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